PODCAST: Hull Women’s Week writing project aims to inspire a generation

PODCAST: 37 minutes

Hull Women’s Week starts on Friday 6th March, just ahead of International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March.

In this podcast episode HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham talks to two women about the ‘Inspiring a Generation’ letter-writing project that they have taken part in, just one of a number of projects for Hull Women’s Week. Their letters are written to their younger selves, and provide great insight about their careers and their thoughts about what it is to be a young girl or woman.

What advice do they give to their younger selves? What would they have done differently if they knew then what they know now? Listen to the podcast to find out.

Emma Latimer is Chief Officer of NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, and also Interim Chief Officer of NHS North Lincolnshire CCG and East Riding of Yorkshire CCG too, she explained how the ‘Inspiring A Generation’ letter project came about.

Emma said: “The idea was generated by a number of women in the city who have all had very different journeys in life. We just wanted to try and encourage as many young girls and women in the city to do the best they can possibly do, and to try to help them overcome some of the barriers that people still face. As a group of leaders, we’ve all had loads of experience, we thought it would be good to get together and talk about how we can try to break down some of those barriers. If we knew then what we know now, what would have changed?”

Hester Bridges is Labour Councillor for the Southcoates ward, and Chair of Hull Health & Wellbeing Board, she expressed how challenging it was to write her letter to her younger self.

Hester said: “I found it quite difficult actually because it required you to really think about your own journey, and how you’d got to where you are. I don’t think as myself as a high achiever but I’ve been on a journey like many other women. I feel lucky enough to have got to where I am today, to be doing what I’m doing, and doing something I love. I hope that by the work we’re doing, that we can inspire more girls and young women in the city to have opportunities to break through barriers, to gain the self-esteem and the confidence that you need to be able to make those steps forward to do what you want to do – which can somedays be a real challenge.”

Emma and Hester’s letters, along with more from other inspiring Hull women, will be on display at Hull Central Library throughout Hull Women’s Week which runs from Friday 6th to Friday 13th March.

[Jerome Whittingham – editor HULL IS THIS]

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