PODCAST: We Made This

Miranda van Rossum (right) founder of We Made This, and fellow crafter Janet Adamson, take stock of the progress of this huge movement of crafters in Hull.

From toddlers to centenarians, there are now hundreds of people involved, eager to create and display ‘makes’. Their exhibits have been seen across the city, adorning trees at Easter and Christmas, or brightening fences in early spring. They explain to me how sometimes it’s the simple little ideas that make the biggest impact.

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[Jerome Whittingham]

#WeMadeThis wants you!

Hot on the heels of their highly successful #WeMadeThisSpring flower garlands, Hull-based community group #WeMadeThis have launched their next project, Hull Spirit 2: Trailblazers. This project will see them return to Hull Minster in September for a second Hull-themed craft exhibition. And here’s the really exciting bit – you can be part of it!

Miranda van Rossum, chair of #WeMadeThis, says: “With all our projects, we aim to be as inclusive as possible. There are absolutely no restrictions on who can take part, our previous participants having included nurseries, schools, Brownie groups, craft groups, residential homes and just generally very talented individuals. If you’re happy to make us something, you’re in!” 

As the title suggests, the theme for the makes is Hull-based trailblazers, both past and present, which can be represented in any medium. The group is using a fairly broad definition of ‘trailblazer’, from persons and institutions who were the first to do something in their field, to more broadly, an area in which Hull led the way. As Miranda says: “We fully expect to see some of the more obvious trailblazers, such as Amy Johnson, Clive Sullivan and William Wilberforce, but they don’t necessarily have to be well-known figures – in fact, this is probably a good opportunity to showcase some of Hull’s ‘unsung heroes’.”

If you’d like to take part, a detailed brief can be found on the #WeMadeThis blog: https://wemadethishull.wordpress.com/2019/04/08/introducing-hull-spirit-2-trailblazers/. Alternatively, you can join the Craft Project Hull Facebook group (link towards the top of the page).

[Miranda van Rossum]