Poem: Tell the World

Butterflies Memory LOss Support Group during Hull 2017
Members of the Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group taking part in a creative sound workshop led by Brendan Murphy, Hull City of Culture 2017. Photo: Jerome Whittingham.

The Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group, a Hull charity that cares for people and families fighting dementia, this month celebrates 10 years of service.

Of course, a diary of face-to-face events to mark their achievements has been put on hold until later in the year.

Spoken word artists Michelle Dee said: “This weekend I was due to be performing inside Hull Minster for the Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group Tenth Birthday celebrations. Below is the piece I developed with the Thursday group of members and carers just a few weeks ago. It is the last in a quartet of poems for a wider event/workshop series called The Butterfly Effect that responded to themes from Hull City of Culture 2017.”

Tell the World

Butterflies is love, a warm embrace

That picks you up and brings you 

To a far happier place. Never underestimate

The good that can be done, while sharing stories 

Talking and laughing over a cup of tea. 

Coming to Butterflies has changed our lives

A few precious hours with friends old and new.

Here’s the uplifting Princess Sara 

She will pull you out the pit.

A sit down and catch up with Yvonne 

And her dreams of living the good life

Growing veggies in designer wellies.

And June, ten years on, still making her dad proud.

A legacy to live in a dementia friendly city.


Smile: we are living our best lives

There is salvation inside soaring voices

A reminder to appreciate the little things.

Pounding herbs and spices, 

All the flavours, the good with the bad

In a pestle and mortar, just like life is.  

Doing it from scratch, that’s where it’s at.

Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together

Slotting each one in, to see the full picture,

The path to take, the right steps to make…

Now get ya glad rags on cos we are going dancing.

Robbies Bar on little Hedon Road. Moving and 

Grooving in jumpers that sparkle under the disco light

Dancing all night sporting a flashy hat.


Now listen in for another heart-stopping tale

From the post master general. 

But what’s this? 

A real-life flying ace in our midst?

Raising dementia awareness. 

“This is your captain speaking,

we are currently wing-walking, 

cruising at an altitude of 800 feet.”  

It is amazing what you can achieve

All Hail the volunteers, whose selflessness

Keeps us aloft, a moment to recognise

Without them we’d be lost.


See the shiny new butterfly sculpture

Intricately built from found items and dinner forks,

By Sarah J and the men, on a Tuesday. 

To pay tribute to a milestone reached

To Celebrate a Happy 10th Butterflies Birthday

In our beautiful new home

On King Edward Street.


Escape on butterfly wings 

And sing “We will be heard, we will be seen.”

Dementia maybe an invisible illness

But we won’t be invisible ourselves.

Making plans for the future, making the effort

To take time out for yourself.

Then a break in a warmer climate

Let some sunshine in on the years, 

Given to care-giving. 

Working together. Moving forward. 

Making a difference.

Telling the World.


Michelle Dee


Website: Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group

Website: Michelle Dee


[Jerome Whittingham – editor HULL IS THIS]

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