Reduction in smoking during pregnancy rates across East Riding

Hull Royal Infirmary.

The latest national figures for smoking at the time of delivery rates have revealed an impressive reduction across the East Riding.

Rates for the region have reduced by 3% with Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust’s stop smoking service celebrating the news.

Over the last twelve months, the East Riding Stop Smoking Service has been working extensively with pregnant women and their families to produce new resources to help families go smoke free.

Working closely with midwives and health visitors, the team have been promoting their service at baby weigh clinics and the highly attended Baby Carousel events at Hull Royal Infirmary.

Natalie Belt, Trust Service Manager said: “Smoking in pregnancy is one area across East Riding that is at the highest prevalence. At Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust we have worked with East Riding Council over the last year to target and really work with multiple agencies, service users and families to further enhance the support we can offer to ladies who smoke during pregnancy.

“We have worked hard to work with women during pregnancy and after the babies are born and the impact we have made has been significant.”

The latest figures reveal that for the most recent quarter, the East Riding pregnancy smoking rate dropped from 15.9% to 12.9%.

In addition to working with women and families, the Trust has trained over 100 health professionals in the area that work with pregnant women and young families on stop smoking cessation and advice.

Smoking in pregnancy is the biggest modifiable risk to both mother and baby with NHS England stating there is strong evidence that reducing smoking in pregnancy reduces the likelihood of stillbirth.

Stopping smoking also impacts positively on many other smoking-related pregnancy complications, such as preterm birth, miscarriage, low birthweight and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) with smoking having a far-reaching impact on the health of a child throughout their life.

Kayleigh Barrington, Trust Project Officer said: “We know it’s never easy to stop smoking and sometimes women can feel additional pressure to stop whilst pregnant.

“We are not here to judge but to support and motivate women giving them the confidence and power to successfully quit for them and their baby.

“The benefits of going smoke free are both physical and financial -it could allow the family to spend the money on making memories with their newborns.

“It’s really important to us that women don’t feel like they have to go it alone. Going smoke free is the responsibility of everyone within the household and signing up with someone close will not only empower them to quit, but also improve the likelihood of the baby being born into a smoke free home improving health outcomes for everyone.”

For more information on stopping smoking visit, call 08009177752 or text QUIT to 60163.

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[Amy Smith Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust]