Hit show ‘Dark Winter’ returns to Hull Truck theatre.

Dark Winter – a world premiere.

E52’s new production – an adaptation of bestselling novelist David Mark’s acclaimed debut novel Dark Winter – will return to Hull Truck Theatre in November following a sell out run earlier in the year.

An ex-trawlerman from east Hull, an adopted teenager from Hessle and an arsonist from Orchard Park are all unknown to one another and all, apparently, unconnected victims of brutal murders. But Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy reckons there’s a link. Trouble is, when you blow the whistle on your boss, however corrupt, no one listens. They should. Because if they don’t, the list of victims will only get longer. And, for McAvoy at least, much, much closer to home…

The book has been adapted by playwrights Richard Vergette (Dancing Through the Shadows, As We Forgive Them) and one of the most performed playwrights in Hull, Nick Lane (The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, My Favourite Summer), and will be directed by Andrew Pearson (A Steady Rain, Great Expectations).

Playwright Richard Vergette explained: “Adapting David’s best-selling novel has been challenging and exciting. Nick Lane and I have had to encapsulate the plot of a complex thriller into a two hour stage show. It’s a fast moving tale of twists and turns against the background of the city of Hull. We’re really pleased with the outcome and believe the many fans of Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy will be too.”

“It’s all a wonderfully surreal experience” novelist David Mark commented. “Dark Winterstarted out as a vague, grisly idea that first exploded into some kind of life while I was sitting in a manky little newspaper office on Ferensway and writing about other people’s successes while gnashing my teeth about my own failure to become a novelist. Ten years on, I still can’t quite believe I have become a bestselling author (and I’m sure lots of other people can’t believe it either) but to have my work adapted by people I trust and admire, and for it to be staged at a theatre where I have had so many wonderful experiences, in a city that inspires me, feels rather splendid.”

Director, Andrew Pearson added “David Mark’s Dark Winter is a tightly plotted piece of crime fiction. The author battled long and hard to ensure that his story could be told as he intended – set in Hull. The writing is as original and absorbing as we like our theatre, and in Richard Vergette and Nick Lane, Mark has found the perfect team to adapt his words for the stage.”

Dark Winter will be performed at Hull Truck Theatre from November 06-10 and tickets are available from the Hull Truck website:


For more information contact producer Jo Hill 07528 588020 jo@e52.co.uk