Smokefree Generation sees first year success

The YOURhealth service at Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust celebrates its first year of running their Smokefree Generation campaign with more East Riding residents kicking the habit during the Coronavirus crisis.

Quitting success rates see increase from 14% to 23% as 1 million smokers #QuitForCovid.

With October being the Better Health ‘Stoptober’, there’s now more reason than ever to quit smoking and breathe easier, joining the nation’s biggest quit attempt of the year. 

Stoptober reminds those hoping to quit that they’re not alone, as they will be joining over 1 million people across the country this October. 

In addition, those looking for support to quit would be reassured by new data released in the UCL Smoking Toolkit Study, which illustrates that the proportion of smokers in England who have successfully quit smoking has risen from 14% to 23% in the last year, an increase of almost two thirds.  

Natalie Belt, YOURhealth Service Manager at Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We know one of the best things people can to do to encourage and advocate the next generation to not smoke is by reducing the visibility of smoking as much as possible. If smoking is no longer considered a social norm, young people are far less likely to follow suit. 

“Seeing the impact of our quit smoking campaigns running throughout the last year is really rewarding and shows that people are motivated to change for the better. With the current pandemic, we are more aware than ever of the risks involved in being a smoker and there couldn’t be a better time to see so many success stories when quitting for COVID.”

Smoking prevalence among adults is now a record low of 13.9% nationally and there has truly never been a better time to put health first, the service reports.

For support on quitting smoking in the East Riding, contact YOURHealth:

Text QUIT to 60163

Call: 0800 9177752



[Loren Hakeney – Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust]

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