Songwriter Andrew Thomas to release new single ‘Broken Home’ on Friday 7th October

The new single is inspired by the TV show ‘This Is Us’. 

Speaking on the IO Music Group podcast over on Patreon, Andrew said: “Seeing a family through the eyes of a child really provoked my thought process, and how observing certain behaviours can affect a child’s outlook on life as they grow older and mature. Although we may not have the best upbringing, the love we pass on is vital to our family and loved ones.”
‘Broken Home’ is the follow-up single to Andrew’s last release ‘Out of Your Mind’, which featured Kate Roebuck. 
The song achieved No1 two weeks running on London’s Prospect Radio.  
This song was once again produced by Mikey Scott in Canada. 
‘Broken Home’ is the second song from Andrew’s third solo album to be released at a further date. 
You can see Andrew perform his new single live at The Woolsheds on National Avenue in Hull on Friday 21 October when he supports The Arkut Brothers at their album launch. Tickets can be purchased here

‘Broken Home’ by Andrew Thomas is available from Friday 7 October on all platforms. You can listen to the IOMG Podcast here.