Studio Eleven presents Northern Lights

As winter creeps in, Studio Eleven Gallery has an explosion of colour to brighten those shorter days.

Dreamer by Sarah Louise Hawkins

Paintings by Sarah Louise Hawkins

Ceramic Sculpture by Adele Howitt

Opening October 21st 2021 until January 23rd 2022

Ceramics by Sara Moorhouse in the gallery from the November 20th 2021


Saturday 23rd October, 11.00am to 12.30pm for treats, and open until 4pm.

To RSVP, email: 

Sarah Louise Hawkins Painter

Sarah Louise Hawkins is an artist making sharp-edged and precise abstract works exploring the spatial and optical capacities of colour, shape, pattern, and surface. The work is always non-representational and often self-referential. Shapes and patterns from one work will inform and inspire the composition of the next. This symbiotic relationship sees patterns, colours and forms appearing and transforming in a multitude of ways across painting, sculpture and drawing.

Sara Moorhouse Ceramics

The development of Sara’s work into ceramics, colour and spatial perception, began with a Master’s Degree at Cardiff University in 2003. This course is well – known for its innovation and promotion of ceramics into the arena of contemporary art.   The bowls act as a canvas for paintings that distil specific landscape abstracted scenes, perceptibly altering the size, depth, and shape of the form by the applied colour. The forms can be made to seem wider or narrower, deeper, or shallower, heavier or lighter, or they may appear to undulate, bend, move or hover by the juxtaposition of finer lines. The view of both inner and outer surface together exploits the visual interplay of this spatial phenomena.  The pieces are hand thrown and turned; the movement of the wheel often reflected in the slight asymmetry of the form. The lines are applied by returning the bisque fired bowl to the wheel and painted with ceramic colour by hand. A matt glaze is then applied to stabilize and enhance the coloured surface.

Adele Howitt Ceramic Sculpture

Adele Howitt is an artist and maker of ceramics. She predominately works in clay to investigate the notions of the living landscape, abstraction, pollen grains, and natural patterns. Slab work is twisted and turned to add detailed relief utilising the traditional pottery techniques discovered whilst investigating the South Yorkshire Potteries, for example, Rockingham. For Adele, clay is a sculptural medium, opposing the tradition of using it as a technical medium or an exploration of the vessel. Techniques include, drawing, hand building, coil / slab building, hand-thrown elements, mould making, slip casting, extruded clay, printing and glazing.

About Studio Eleven Gallery

Studio Eleven is an established studio and gallery which has grown out of a creative practice that has responded positively to the post-industrial site that is the historic Fruit Market in Hull.  Since 2009, we have provided an important service to artists, and continue to enthuse the community to get involved through open workshops and free inspiring exhibitions. 

We provide creative activity, membership access to the workshop, open days, 5-day gallery opening for exhibitions, and a workshop programme. We are the only gallery in Hull to provide a selling platform for local and regional contemporary craft, ceramics, and painting.  Studio Eleven gift vouchers are available for the purchase of artwork in the gallery and our 2021 workshops.