Swift conservation group anticipates an exciting spring 2020

Hull Is This was invited along to a house in East Hull to watch nest box number 43 being installed by Hull and East Yorks Swift Conservation Group.

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    Clare Porter is one of a number of volunteers who are working to raise awareness of swifts, conserve nest sites and create new swift colonies in Hull & East Yorkshire.

All photos © Jerome Whittingham, @photomoments.


PODCAST: Householder Shirley & swift conservation group volunteer Clare talk about the importance of the nest box project.


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“When I put my washing out, I used to look up and think ‘Oh, you’re back are you?’  Then I could count ‘one, two, three…’ One this year.”

Shirley, householder.

Further details:

Twitter: @HEYapus

Facebook: East Yorkshire swift conservation group

Email: HEYswifts@gmail.com

[Jerome Whittingham – Editor, Hull Is This]

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