TeenTech Humber Festival 2019

TeenTech returns to the Humber with an extended programme to help young people across the region understand the jobs of tomorrow.

The award-winning TeenTech Humber has received funding to run an exciting festival on 27 June to help young people across the region understand the jobs of tomorrow. 

TeenTech programmes help teenagers refocus their thinking about school subject choices and consider career paths they never knew existed. Girls in particular are enthused to reconsider their options by attending a TeenTech festival, with 81 per cent saying they are now fairly or very interested in a career in STEM. Students then take their new-found enthusiasm further, with girls now accounting for over 60 per cent of TeenTech Award participants. 

TeenTech has also benefitted entire schools, giving teachers confidence in both their own and their students potential. Schools are reporting significant shifts in terms of uptake of STEM subjects as a direct result of working with TeenTech.

Maggie Philbin OBE, TeenTech Founder and BBC One’s Tomorrow’s World presenter.

Maggie Philbin OBE, TeenTech Founder and BBC One’s Tomorrow’s World presenter, said: “We want to make sure young people in this area really understand they can become the innovators of tomorrow. Our programmes not only showcase the latest science and technology but help students see how they might very much enjoy working in these areas.”

TeenTech Humber is a highly collaborative organisation and is inviting businesses across the region to be part of the festival by running an interactive stand to showcase their work or by becoming a sponsor.

Companies who are already signed up include: KCOM, KPMG, Airco, Engie, The Deep, Croda, The One Point, We Are Sauce, Run With It and Siemens Gamesa.

Stephen Logan, from Malet Lambert High School who have enjoyed TeenTech in-school workshops and attended previous festival days, said: “TeenTech provides a great platform to enable young people to explore and experience a wide variety of careers. It is an inspirational programme and organisation at the cutting edge of innovation. I highly recommend it in terms of engagement, future opportunities and learning experience”

Sandra Cooper who leads the steering group for the initiative in the Humber area, said: “We were the first region to partner with TeenTech when they expanded their work across the UK. I’ve witnessed first-hand the difference the programmes make to students, teachers and in some instances, entire schools. TeenTech has a carefully planned series of age appropriate interventions, which quite literally change lives. We’d love companies to be part of what we’re doing and be part of making a difference to the future careers of young people in Humber.”

TeenTech is an award-winning charity who ran their first event in 2008. Large scale festivals with supporting year-round activity now run in London, Manchester, Humber, South Yorkshire, Leicester, West Midlands, Bristol, Surrey, Hampshire and Portsmouth. TeenTech Festivals have run in Humber since 2011.

The funding comes from the department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) enabling TeenTech to deliver the festival in June as well as continuing to provide opportunities for all attendees.

A business briefing about TeenTech will take place at 7.45am on Thursday 6 June at The Deep as part of Humber Business Week. Tickets available on Eventbrite

[Laura Andrew – Home PR]