Tesco food helps to support 100 Hull locals each week

Residents across Hull are being supported with a community Swap Shop thanks to its local Tesco Community Food Connection Scheme.

Hull Community Church, on Newland Avenue, collects surplus food from the Tesco Superstore on Hall Road on a weekly basis, as part of the Tesco Community Food Connection scheme, run in partnership with food charity FareShare

The church, which provides support for the local community, set up its Community Swap Shop in July 2020 as a response to the staggering food poverty caused by the effects of the pandemic.

The shop provides a range of food items, clothing, books, toys, and other items for local people who need them. People in the community can also donate items to the church to support the Swap Shop. 

While the church has previously benefitted from Tesco’s surplus food to support its work, the new Community Swap Shop has been extremely grateful for the increased food supplies.

Claire Thomas, Head of Community Development at Hull Community Church, said that the food contributions have been vital to the organisation:

“Hull Community Church is here to provide a safe space for those in the community who might need some extra support, and it’s been brilliant to be able to offer further help in the form of food donations thanks to Tesco’s Community Food Connection programme.

“The new Swap Shop has been a big hit with our local community as it helps everyone with their own personal situations. Instead of offering a full food parcel, the Swap Shop allows everyone to take what they need, whether that’s a full bag of food or a simple top-up of baked goods and eggs.

“Since we kickstarted the Swap Shop, we’ve seen around 100 people come in each week and make use of the support. It’s incredible to know that these surplus food donations we receive from Tesco are supporting so many in our local community.”

Claire da Silva, Head of Community at Tesco, said: “We know that the Community Food Connection scheme is making a real difference to groups like Hull Community Church by providing a little bit of extra help in the shape of surplus food from our stores.”

Charities and community groups can sign up to receive food via FareShare: www.fareshare.org.uk/getting-food.