The fREADom Quest 2019 is going intergalactic!

Children from Cleeve Primary School in 2017 who helped create the
character concepts for the Hull fREADom Quest. Credit R and R Studio

This summer, as the world celebrates 50 years since the first Moon landing, Hull’s libraries will be transformed into a moonscape with a crew of space-ready characters and stories to transport readers out of this world and into a universe for even the most curious imaginations.

While most libraries participate in the national summer reading challenge, Hull Libraries is once again leading the way as it continues with its own reading challenge developed especially for Hull’s children and featuring characters that they helped create.

This year children from across the city are invited to join in an intergalactic mission in The Hull fREADom Quest 2019 – which encourages children to read six books in six weeks during the summer holidays. With Hull’s local libraries as Mission Control, they are ready for children to arrive at the launch pad for an adventure like no other, with free events and activities to new stories, shows and adventures.

Each week, children can visit their local library, read a book and collect a character sticker and a stamp for their fREADom Quest booklet. Collecting all six will earn them a certificate and an invitation to attend an out of this world event later in the year, where they will receive a limited edition pin badge.

Principal Librarian at Hull Libraries, Christine Hill, said: “Once upon a time the library was just a place for books but now it is a modern day exploration – from magazines to music, Lego to coding clubs and of course, books! The fREADom Quest is an opportunity for children to dive deep into their imaginations, pretend they’re on their very own lunar landing and take a step into their library to see what they’ll discover.

“Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first human to step onto the surface of the Moon. That was 50 years ago. We want to encourage children to use their imagination this summer and think about how the astronauts must have felt taking those first steps on the Moon and what could be possible 50 years after those first steps.

“Hull’s libraries have an action-packed summer programme of activities, most of which are free, to keep children busy over the summer while learning new skills and experiencing some incredible stories. We want them to use their local library to explore new worlds and ignite their imaginations through stories because really, anything is possible.

“We’re really excited to be leading with our own summer challenge – this will be the third year that we’ve run The Hull fREADom Quest, which launched during the summer of 2017 and it is gaining more momentum every year. We’ve had interest from other libraries about what we’re doing here in Hull which is great.

“Following on from The Big Malarkey Festival, this is the perfect way to continue to engage children and parents in reading and to encourage them to visit their local library.”

The quest features six Hull-themed characters, created for the challenge in 2017 with the help of children from Cleeve Primary School in Bransholme, to celebrate Hull’s year as the UK City of Culture: a friendly bee lady called Jean, an adventuring Moth named Amy, North the Penguin, King Billy the Elephant, Blade the Seagull and Wilber the Peacock.

The challenger booklet includes six fun activities, from drawing a picture of the rocket they would make to take them into space to reading by the light of the Moon (or by torchlight, especially if it’s a cloudy night).

The fREADom Quest 2019 will launch on Saturday 20 July, 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon, with the Lab Rascal’s new planetarium show – One Giant Leap. The 45 minute sessions will take place from 10.30am until 4pm at Hull Central Library on Saturday.

Challenger booklets will be available in all 12 libraries across the city from Saturday 20 July. Each week children can visit any library to get their booklet stamped, collect a character sticker and choose a new book.

[Laura Andrew – Home PR]