The positive change that’s bringing better times to Hull City AFC

Hull City AFC

It’s become common knowledge amongst British football fans that the current Hull City boss, Nigel Adkins, is arguably one the most, if not the most positive minded manager in football. 

Over the last few years, Adkins’ simple but effective use of fan interaction, combined with his light-hearted attitude towards interviews has led him to be a real fan favourite amongst a number of English league clubs. 

After a shaky start to his managerial career at Hull City, it’s safe to say that Adkins’ has pulled it out of the bag so far this season. 

In a matter of months, Adkins has taken on, and successfully completed the task of lifting The Tigers off the bottom of the Championship table. Hull City currently sit around mid-table in the league, in 11th place just behind Aston Villa on goal difference. 

Initially, Adkins’ certainly faced an uphill battle when he arrived at the KCOM back in December 2017, after previous Tigers’ boss Leonid Slutsky was dismissed following a bad spell of results.

However, to the pleasant surprise of Hull City faithful, Adkins helped to keep the club afloat towards the back end of the season, retaining The Tigers’ Championship status for another season.

A number of fans have been expressing their own reviews regarding Nigel Adkins, across social media. 

After being quizzed about the Tigers’ boss, Henry Clark (@HenryWAClark) stated: “I admire the ethos that he has for the team, and the whole TEAM (together everybody achieves more) style.

“He’s a student of the game too, which really does fascinate me as he seems to have an unquenchable thirst to keep learning.”

Undoubtedly, it’s a common theme amongst Tigers’ fans that Adkins’ positive mentality was one of the key factors in helping towards Hull City’s excellent run of form, which saw the club go 10 games unbeaten over the Christmas period. 

Lifelong City fan Alex Chittock (@SouthernAlex_) expressed his feelings towards Adkins, saying: “He brought such a feel-good factor to the club, as we moved away from relegation and threatened to break into the play-offs.

“It’s a huge credit to him that he maintains this positive attitude with everything going on behind the scenes at the club.”

Adkins’ innate ability to remain enthusiastic in frustrating situations has evidently had a positive effect on Tigers’ fans far and wide, and although the City boss is well-known for his ultra-optimism, it’s surprising to see that his ideology is still present amongst a supposed ‘problematic club’.

Hull City fan Dan Jefferson (@DanJeffersonSP) supported this idea, stating: “There has been a lot of animosity surrounding the club off the pitch, not to mention the poor start to the season. After all of this, he has remained a calm figure head.”

Alongside everything that Adkins has been doing to benefit the club, there has also been a heavier reliance on the younger generation of City players in recent months, due to various injuries that have occurred throughout the squad. 

SkySports contributor, and Hull City fan Bobbi Hadgraft (@bobbihadg) shared her personal opinions on this topic, explaining: “The faith he has in products of the academy has created competitiveness within the squad. He’s introduced talents into the first team who will certainly become future assets to the club (Batty, Fleming, etc).

“As well as this, he’s one of the only managers in the league to communicate with fans on Twitter. I believe this is a really effective means of engaging with the community.”

Tigers’ fans will be hoping for many more years of positivity in years to come, and if Nigel Adkins sticks around, that is more than likely to happen.

[Alex Thurston @althurstonsport]

Alex, from Hull, is currently an undergraduate student at Leeds Trinity University, studying for a degree in Sports Journalism.

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