Thousands of families to join Hull mum in spreading joy from their own homes

The #FromMyWindow movement asks for people to show colourful creations in their own windows
The #FromMyWindow movement asks for people to show colourful creations in their own windows.

A Hull Mum has been inundated with thousands of responses after suggesting families use art to spread happiness across the city, and help distract people from their concerns over the coronavirus.

Jessica Morgan, 31, set up #FromMyWindow Hull and East Yorkshire on Facebook yesterday, suggesting people display artwork in their windows after reading about the scheme taking place in Italy and Spain. Less than 24 hours after posting her idea the page has received almost 5,000 followers all raring to get involved, especially once their children are not at school.

#FromMyWindow is a great creative idea for children and others.

The #FromMyWindow movement asks for people to show colourful creations in their own windows, along with the hashtag, for others to spot and share online in a bid to spread some joy and uplift the community spirit. It’s not just for children, or those in isolation, anyone is welcome to join in and take their mind off the current crisis.

Mother to one-year-old Phoebe, Jessica, said: “When I first heard about the #FromMyWindow movement it seemed like such a lovely way to pass on some positivity. I made a couple of pictures with my daughter and put them up in our window, and then set up the Facebook page to try and encourage others to do the same.”

Stay at home mum, Jessica, has never organised anything like this previously, and has been overwhelmed by the reaction.

“I’m over the moon at how quickly word has got out about the group and the response has been phenomenal. It says a lot about how people are trying to stay positive and do something other than sitting around and worrying. I’ve already had neighbours seeing it and contacting me on Facebook to ask if we’re alright. Despite isolation and social distancing people are being brought closer together,” said Jessica.

Since Jessica launched the #FromMyWindow Hull and East Yorkshire page it has attracted people from across the country who are now setting up the movement in their own areas.

Facebook: FromMyWindow Hull and East Yorkshire

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