Under The Weather, a film by Mal Williamson

Under The Weather – a film by Mal Williamson

Filmmaker Mal Williamson writes:

There’s an approach to mental health that you might not have come across before – and it is featured in our new movie.

Under The Weather is about two couples double-booked into a holiday cottage. They decide to muck in but when one of them is a ‘changework’ therapist the weekend gets a bit intense. Changework is all about fixing people – changing your responses so you can then choose what to do. It may work for phobias, anxiety, OCD, depression and other stuck states. 

Under The Weather features a few of these techniques in an improvised 90min movie. It stars Hull actors Gordon Meredith, Mariana Barbera, Orhan Ticic and Anna Whiting who got together for just a weekend to bring all this together.

Most movies suffer from the tyranny of the script, which tends to show us people who are in control, consistent and make sense. Real life is different.

The story unfolds in a conversational manner as we wonder which of them really suffers from mental health issues?

A major theme of the film is how we consider ourselves as the result of stories – that what happened to us in the past defines how we are now, but neuroscience and other new discoveries may show us how to change our response immediately. Our brains are plastic and can change.

Gordon Meredith is the hapless coach who gets into a bit of a conflict with the former soldier – played by Orhan Ticic. Anna Whiting plays a perfectly anxious admin worker and these three are joined by Mariana Barbera, a stressed neurologist. The relationships they portray are intended to be very real and may be familiar.

An intriguing movie for anyone – and especially recommended if you are interested in mental health.

Under The Weather can be seen at a special preview by Humber Film on Wednesday 30th January at Kardomah 94 – 7pm. £5/£4 concessions.

[Mal Williamson, filmmaker]

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