Webinar to focus on threat of online hackers

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Webinar Invitation – We know your passwords, on Wednesday 9 September at 10:00am.

With nearly half of UK firms reporting a cyber attack over the last 12 months, HI Commercial welcomes news that NCSC is stressing the threat of everyday hackers and hopes the threat will be taken more seriously.

Luke Byron, Director at HI Commercial says: “As a business we have been raising awareness of the very real threat we face from cyber attacks. Hackers target without prejudice – absolutely any business, charity, public sector organisation, bank, etc, is at risk, everyday.

“Therefore we are pleased to see NCSC has launched its first-ever advice on cyber insurance. They have also highlighted key questions that must be addressed to safe-guard IT networks, bank accounts, emails and personal data.”

In its guidance, newly published online, NCSC urges businesses to focus on the following questions:

  • What existing cyber security defences do you already have in place?
  • How do you bring expertise together to assess a policy?
  • Do you fully understand the potential impacts of a cyber incident?
  • What does the cyber insurance policy cover (or not cover)?
  • What cyber security services are included in the policy, and do you need them?
  • Does the policy include support during (or after) a cyber security incident?
  • What must be in place to claim against (or renew) your cyber insurance policy?

The advice was launched in consultation with major stakeholders and puts the emphasis on companies to think about insurance and risk management strategies.

Luke continues: “We are fully aware that commercial organisations are not taking cyber security as seriously as perhaps they should. Right now we suggest a review of cyber security and by putting simple measures in place and providing training to employees, the impact of a cyber attack can be minimised.

“Cyber insurance will provide cover in the event of an attack, as long as suitable measures are in place to prevent a breach. This should provide peace of mind to know that in the event of a cyber attack, protection will be available for recovery costs, associated loss of business and legal consequences.

“It works in the same way as theft. If a person leaves the front door to their home unlocked and a thief walks in, steals personal possessions and disappears, insurers cannot be expected to pick up the pieces. Therefore, if a business leaves IT networks unlocked, without suitable password protection and firewalls, again cyber insurers cannot be expected to step in.”

Webinar: ‘We know your passwords’

Wednesday 9 September at 10:00am.

Leon McQuade from Think Cloud will demonstrate how easy it is for hackers to breach your IT systems, find your passwords and create unnecessary chaos for you and your business.

Leon is Co-Founder of Think Cloud. Multi-award winning cyber security and managed IT services. Based at The Deep Business Centre in Hull, the firm’s mission is to help customers succeed through the adoption and use of digital technology.

HI Commercial Director, Luke Byron will run through some case studies and show that Cyber Liability Insurance is there to pick up the pieces in the event of a breach, as long as you have adequate security in place.

HI Commercial and Think Cloud urges local businesses to understand how these criminals can breach your systems and how you can protect your business from the cost and disruption associated with this type of crime.

If you would like to come along, you can register here – https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/9315983578964/WN_8c4SGr0rSbOZSOsYVBlN9A

[Jess Clark – Divine Clark PR]