Wilberforce College art student’s tribute to Captain Tom

Portrait of Captain Tom Moore by Ellie Ralph.
Portrait of Captain Tom Moore by Wilberforce College student Ellie Ralph.

First year A Level Art student, Ellie Ralph, has moved her teachers in Wilberforce College Art Faculty by producing a stunning artwork of national fundraising hero, and soon to be centenarian, Captain Tom Moore.

Ellie, who attended Kingswood Academy before joining Wilberforce College last year, has previously won awards for Hull Young Artist of the Year in 2018 and 2019.

Wilberforce Art Teacher Lindsey Routh said: “I am moved that Ellie has produced this thoughtful and well executed drawing of Captain Tom. It’s a marked response to his endeavours and the public’s appreciation of the NHS, and shows Ellie’s creative response to the current situation. Along with other Wilberforce Art and Photography Students Ellie has created several artworks, uploaded on our Instagram account, in response to the pandemic.  Art has always been a means of expression and I’m proud that our students are showing resilience and creativity in these unprecedented times.”

art student Ellie Ralph
Art student Ellie Ralph.

Ellie said: “I decided to draw Captain Tom Moore because he is a huge public figure at the moment due to his kind actions towards the NHS. I wanted to express how he still continues to fight for our country no matter his age and ability. As I am working on portraiture, I thought it would be an interesting way to respond to this theme as I can make links to the current lockdown situation, that I have also brought into other pieces of work. Captain Tom Moore is shown to be a respectful gentlemen that takes extreme pride in his country. I wanted to show this by combining two images of him; from the past as well as him in the present.  He is a true inspiration to us all and we should honour him.”

Talented Ellie has intentions of doing an Art Foundation course at Wilberforce College next year, before progressing on to university.

Website: Wilberforce College.

[Clare Shaw – Wilberforce College]

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