Young poet reveals insight into the anxieties of being ‘wired differently’

Young poet Logan sheds light on living with autism and dyslexia.
Young poet Logan sheds light on living with autism and dyslexia.

Logan is 10 years old, and loves being on stage, where he feels he shines. In this poem he’s submitted to HULL IS THIS, he also shines light on what it’s like for a young child to live with autism, and the anxieties that sometimes arise.

His message is clear, he wants all children with autism to be better understood.

Autism Agony

I don’t want to upset you, making you feel sad, feelings overwhelm me making me mad.

All the thoughts rushing through my brain, wanting to share and play your game.

I don’t understand changing the rules, making my friends feel really confused.

I’m not being rude by the things I may say. My brain is wired in a different way.

Try to understand why I am this way, I’m happiest when I’m on display.

Singing and acting is my specialty, I like to be invited to parties and tea.

I may play alone but I’d like to be with you. Give me a chance and solve this issue.

I’ve lived on this planet for a busy 10 years. So many assessments, tests and fears.

With the diagnosis my family can feel easier, a boy called Logan with autism and dyslexia.

What are these words I hear you say? Just a loving boy in every way.

Passion for performing is where I should be, where my worries and anxiety are temporarily free.

Back at my home I’m writing my own song, I hope when you hear it you will sing along.

My family are proud with what I’ve achieved, and wish this poem is gratefully received.


[Jerome Whittingham – editor]

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