A triumph for St Richard’s VC Academy at their recent inspection

St Richard’s Roman Catholic primary school in East Hull has reached a significant milestone in its journey to educational excellence, as it proudly announces its recent Ofsted ‘GOOD’ grading at the inspection in March 2024.

Following a period of required improvements, the school has soared to new heights, securing a commendable “Good” rating in all areas. However, what truly sets St Richard’s apart in this inspection report is their exceptional grading of “Outstanding” in the personal development of its students. This achievement marks a testament to the dedication and commitment of the school’s leadership, staff, families and of course the pupils.

“The school provides pupils with exceptional opportunities to develop their talents. For example, some pupils worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company to perform in Stratford-Upon-Avon.” (Ofsted, 2024)

Headteacher Emma Cook is elated with the outcome of the inspection, emphasising the collective effort that has been undertaken to bring St Richard’s this remarkable achievement stating: “This report reflects the sustained hard work and dedication of the staff of St Richard’s who work tirelessly to ensure our pupils ‘shine like stars’  helping them to flourish and reach their potential both academically and through the development of their talents, skills and interests. We are especially proud of our amazing pupils who really impressed the Inspectors with their knowledge, love of learning, positive attitudes, and, most importantly, their compassion and respect for their peers, school staff and for the wider community”.

Under her guidance, the school has undergone a transformative journey, focusing not only on academic excellence but also on fostering holistic development and nurturing well-rounded individuals.

“Leaders have established a strong team culture. The school is considerate of staff’s workload. Staff feel valued. They appreciate the support they receive from leaders and the Academy Trust. “ (Ofsted, 2024)

The school is particularly proud of the outstanding rating of its personal development offer, which underlines the school’s firm commitment to the holistic growth of its students. St Richard’s recognises that education extends beyond the classroom and involves the development of character, values, and life skills. Through a comprehensive range of initiatives, including after school activities, pastoral care, and community events, the school instils in its students the confidence needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

“Pupils have an excellent awareness of strategies that promote mental health and wellbeing. The school promotes equal opportunities very well. Pupils have a strong understanding of what it means to discriminate against others. They know this is wrong. Pupils provide high levels of care to their peers who have additional needs.” (Ofsted, 2024)