A Virtual PA can save you money during the cost of living crisis

From businesses and not-for-profit organisations to individuals and families, everyone is trying to save money more than usual right now due to the cost of living crisis.

However, whilst it’s tempting for sole traders, company directors and business owners to cut out as many expenses as possible from their regular outgoings, there are some that are actually designed to save you money. As an added bonus, they can even help you to run a more profitable business and improve your bottom line. A prime example is a virtual personal assistant – read on to discover how this unique service can save you cash each month.

Have you considered an in-house PA?

If you’ve been thinking about taking on a personal assistant who’s on the payroll, you probably already realise that this can prove quite expensive. As well as their salary, you also have to cover an employee’s pension contributions, allotted holidays and sick pay, not to mention any time during work hours that isn’t really used to full effect.

In fact, a recent study found that an in-house personal assistant’s salary in the UK ranges from £23,100 to £38,000 per year, and that’s not even taking into account how much they cost in London. If your industry is more technical or fast-paced, this figure can be even larger, making it a significant ongoing cost.

With a virtual personal assistant it’s different, as you only pay for the hours required and nothing else. Forget about paying their wage whilst they’re grabbing a cuppa or popping to the loo, as your monthly bill will only include the number of hours spent productively, which can be agreed in advance to fit your budget.

With a virtual PA, you’re paying for quality

When you hire an in-house PA, there’s a risk that they may not be very experienced. This can be rectified with training and continuous professional development activities, yet these come with a heavy cost in terms of both time and money. An inexperienced PA also means that it will be a while before they deliver their best work and they may even make mistakes that can damage your productivity, cash flow and company reputation.

The solution is to hire a virtual PA – a self-employed professional who already has the knowledge, skills, training and software required to hit the ground running. Whether it’s a few bits of admin here and there, booking your business travel and accommodation on an ad hoc basis, providing transcription when required or fulfilling a wide range of duties on a weekly basis, you can trust a virtual PA to get the job done well with minimal input required.

Free up your time and achieve sustainable business growth

Last but not least, handing over tasks that you find time-consuming, difficult, too technical or just plain frustrating means that you can focus on more important things. It could be a case of attending more meetings with prospective clients, delivering greater levels of customer service, or enjoying more quality time with friends and family. Let your virtual PA complete your to-do list and invest your time more wisely.

Explore what a virtual PA can do for your business

To find out more about how a virtual personal assistant can help you to save money, get in touch with Niki Bardsley at nicola.bardsley@smartpasupport.com or call 07707 830394.