And the winning names are…

Hull Trains is delighted to announce all five names for its Paragon fleet of trains, including the fifth chosen by members of the public. Over 2,500 people voted online, and the public has spoken.

Hull Trains Paragon Fleet
Hull Trains, Paragon Fleet.

The winning name of the public vote is…

Jean Bishop (The Bee Lady)’. An adored Hull local who spent 30 years fundraising in her hometown, raising more than £125,000 for charity dressed as a bee.

‘Jean Bishop’ was the winning name from the five entries chosen for the public vote, as selected by local VIPs and Hull Trains employees. The VIPs also chose the other four names for the fleet, which are:

  • Pioneering Hull-born pilot ‘Amy Johnson
  • Politician, philanthropist, and leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade ‘William Wilberforce
  • The famous street name ‘The Land of Green Ginger
  • Hull’s iconic landmark, ‘The Humber Bridge

Name That Train was first introduced back in 2019 when the Paragon fleet launched, and Hull Trains received hundreds of name suggestions for the five individual trains. After putting the competition on hold due to COVID-19, Hull Trains were delighted to revisit it this year and finally name their fleet.

Local VIP Teresa Chalmers, COO of HEY LEP, who backed the winning name, said: “What wonderful news to hear that Jean will be commemorated within the Hull Trains fleet. The fact that so many people voted for her shows the impact she had on our city, and this will hopefully act as a lasting legacy for a lady who did so much good for Hull.”

David Gibson, Managing Director at Hull Trains, added: “All of us at Hull Trains are thrilled with the names chosen for our fleet. It’s a true celebration of Hull and the perfect way to shine a light on some exceptional individuals and landmarks. Each train will receive its name plaque in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for them on our route. I’d like to thank everyone who proposed the long list of names and for voting.”

As part of the public vote, Hull Trains included a prize draw for a lucky member of the public who correctly voted for the winning name. The winner will receive two first-class return tickets and will be announced on Hull Trains’ social media in the coming days.