Announcing the launch of Harris Lacey and Swain’s new consultancy service: Consilium

Hessle-based accountancy firm Harris Lacey and Swain has announced the launch of a new consultancy service called Consilium. The cutting-edge service is led by a cross-disciplinary team and will add to the extensive list of services offered by the firm.

Richard Tucker, Richard Lacey, Andrew Nixon

Richard Lacey, the Senior Partner at Harris Lacey and Swain, said: “Our decision to launch this service is based on frustration at services that are claiming to offer advice usually based on simplistic spreadsheet-based models.

“We wanted to offer something genuinely useful and different. Our highly experienced and effective consultants can make a real difference.”

Harris Lacey and Swain have provided UK-based businesses with contemporary, forward-looking accounting services for over 150 years.

Richard explains: “We looked at many of the advisory systems available and felt they did nothing new. A meeting with Andrew Exon, an old school friend, opened my eyes to the level of expertise available to larger companies. Together we decided to look at a service that would make plc level consultancy available to small and medium-sized businesses and organisations.”

The local firm’s values – honesty and integrity – may be traditional, but their unique selling points are far more modern. Harris Lacey and Swain can now provide a holistic service covering traditional and other service areas.

Richard adds: “The key asset in most businesses is not on the balance sheet, it is their people. Retention and recruitment are critical at the moment, given the economy’s headwinds. We believe that getting the most from their team is vital to the survival and prosperity of most businesses.”

Harris Lacey and Swain developed a dedicated team to deliver Consilium’s services of strategy, people management, finance, and systems.

Richard concludes: “We have all proved ourselves in our respective fields and we are looking forward to bringing all of this together for the benefit of our clients.”

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