Beal adopts immersive technology to offer househunters stunning digital experience

Pioneering housebuilder Beal Homes is using the latest in immersive 3D technology to help house hunters find their perfect new home.

From left, Jamie Barrington, Sales Operations Manager at Beal Homes, with Futurium team members Mike Mimnagh, Project Installer; Hayley Carpenter, Director; Tomasz Murlikiewicz, Technical Director; and John Smith, Account Manager; with the Futurium technology on display at the Beal Showroom.

The multi award-winning housebuilder has teamed up with technology innovator Futurium to offer a stunning digital experience to customers.

Using Futurium’s 3D interactive software, househunters can take a virtual tour of Beal developments, explore inside the housebuilder’s luxury house types and select their perfect plot, even before a single brick has been laid.

Beal is the only Yorkshire-based housebuilder to have adopted Futurium’s technology, underlining the company’s commitment to delivering unrivalled customer service.

Futurium’s iX3D system has been introduced by Beal to enhance even further the outstanding customer experience offered to visitors to the new, state-of-the-art Beal Showroom at Bridgehead business park in Hessle, East Yorkshire.

Beal has invested £5.5m in the industry-leading facility, with enhanced and expanded facilities and features, including a stunning Design Lounge where buyers enjoy the housebuilder’s renowned personalised design service.

The Futurium technology adds a ground-breaking, hi-tech experience to the Beal offering, bringing the housebuilder’s developments to life on digital screens.

Jamie Barrington, Beal’s Sales Operations Manager, said: “Using Futurium’s exciting technology adds a further digital dimension to our already exceptional customer experience.

“This technology is transformational and feedback from househunters who have experienced it has been incredibly positive.

“Traditionally, people looking to buy a new-build home were limited to visiting a marketing suite on a construction site and viewing one-dimensional house type images, floorplans and development plans.

“That meant it was difficult for househunters to visualise plots in the context of the development as a whole, appreciate how individual homes would look, and imagine the street scene.

“This technology takes the guesswork out of it and enables buyers to see exactly what their chosen home and outdoor space will look like and precisely where it will be located within the development.

“Buying a home is the biggest investment most of us make. This technology, complemented by all the other information and advice our experienced team provide, means buyers can make a fully informed decision, confident there will be no surprises down the line.”

The Futurium software is best experienced at the Beal Showroom, supported by Beal’s expert team. Househunters can use it to pay a virtual visit to Beal developments, walk the streets and see all the plots and house types, from different perspectives.

They can then explore inside any home, as well as viewing outdoor spaces, to see how the property and its surroundings will look once built.

The Futurium technology integrates with software from spatial data company Matterport, to incorporate interactive virtual tours of each house type. It also brings in detailed information from Beal on plot availability, house prices, floorplans and more.

Hayley Carpenter, Co-founder and Director at Futurium, said: “Beal approached us with a clear mission – to further enhance their customer experience using the latest in immersive, digital technology.

“Our technology is not just interactive; it is intelligent and driven by the latest Beal data, to ensure buyers have access to all of the information they need to make the decision that is best for them.

“Beal is the only Yorkshire-based housebuilder we’re working with. It’s a perfect partnership founded on a shared commitment to deliver exceptional customer service.

“We were blown away when we visited the Beal Showroom and Design Lounge and were able to fully appreciate the amazing service Beal customers enjoy. It’s clear Beal’s approach to providing outstanding customer service aligns perfectly with our own values.”

Futurium is an award-winning technology leader, founded nine years ago in Anglesey, North Wales, to provide pioneering digital platforms for the housebuilding industry.

The company’s cutting-edge technology strengthens further the customer experience offered by Beal, which was recently recognised by the housebuilder securing a sought-after five star rating from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) for the third year running.

The HBF rating recognises excellence in customer satisfaction by housebuilders, based on independent surveys of new home buyers in England and Wales.

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