Boo Hewerdine and Jenny Sturgeon ‘Outliers’ album release tour at Wrecking Ball

Outliers’ is the new self-titled album from Jenny Sturgeon and Boo Hewerdine.

Jenny Sturgeon and Boo Hewerdine. Photo: Elly Lucas.

Written between their homes in Glasgow and Shetland during 2020/21, Outliers came to signify a creative outlet which they would never have had the chance to explore otherwise. Meeting up online for an hour or so every few weeks gave them an opportunity to write songs in a way they had never done before. Recording at home and pinging melodies, sounds and ideas to each other via email gave them the space and time to experiment without a usual studio setting. The evolution and method of creating this music led them to settle on the name Outliers.

Outlier: An observation (person, thing or fact) that is situated away or detached from the main body or system so that it cannot be used to draw general conclusions.  Also, a place that is far from the main part of something.

‘Outliers’ draws from the considerable talents of two of the UK’s finest songwriters, Jenny Sturgeon and Boo Hewerdine. 

Jenny, based in Shetland, writes and performs with her band Salt House, who recently released their album titled ‘Riverwoods’ to accompany the channel 5 film about the journey salmon undertake upstream. In 2020, she released ‘The Living Mountain’ . Dubbed by Folk Radio as, “a work of rare beauty”, it was based on the writings of fellow Aberdonian, Nan Shepherd. 

Boo Hewerdine, known for his eclectic cult classic works since the 1980s, released his tenth solo album ‘Understudy’ in 2022. Discussing reflections upon life, death, rebirth and history, Hewerdine remains “second to no one” in his captivating skill to weave narratives (Folk Radio). Former Fairground Attraction singer Eddi Reader (MBE) is one of the artists Hewerdine is most regularly associated with, as a songwriter, musician, and producer. Together they enjoyed international success with the hit single ‘Patience of Angels’ in 1995. Hewerdine also produced Reader’s ‘Sings the Songs of Robert Burns’ in 2003, an album now considered a folk classic.

The duo will perform at Wrecking Ball on Whitefriargate on Friday 9 February.

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