Book launch – The Planetary Ennead. Nine poems of the planets.

Ground control to major space-lovers! On Sunday 21 May, the planets will be in poetic alignment in Hull, when poet Sam Bartle launches his new booklet, ‘The Planetary Ennead’ at The Brain Jar cocktail lounge, from 1pm-2pm.

What is an ‘Ennead’?

An ‘Ennead’ [enn-e-ad] is another word for a group of nine (a posh word for nine things).

But there are only 8 planets?

The title of this collection of poems, plus the fact there are only eight accepted ‘planets’ in our solar system, hints at the appearance of a special guest in this booklet; Pluto! We are a solar family of worlds, and every family has its eccentric, or misfit, so perhaps Pluto is that.

Earth itself is of course one of those eight, perhaps the most eccentric of them all, and is central to these poems.  In fact, placing Earth in context, poetically, with its neighbouring worlds emphasises its preciousness, fragility, and beauty within the cosmos.

Launch event at The Brain Jar

On Sunday 21 May from 1pm-2pm, taking place on the 1st floor, the author will give readings from his ‘Planetary Ennead’ book and host three rounds of a special Planet Puzzler quiz, which will include a space-themed prize, and a ‘Star’ prize – a signed hardcover copy of ‘The Planetary Ennead’ itself.

There will also be opportunity, at the end, to buy signed paperback copies from the author at a reduced price.

Admission is free and no booking is required, although it may be worth arriving early to avoid disappointment.

‘The Planetary Ennead’ receives a celebratory launch on Sunday 21 May, but is already available to buy now on the Lulu online bookstore. It’s available in ebook (£2.50), paperback (£7.99) and hardcover (£13). 

More information, and links to the Facebook event page, can be found on the author’s blog: