Bringing business connectivity to the North

Leading wholesale-only full fibre network operator, MS3 Networks, has announced the latest partner to join its network. Evolve, a global managed network specialist, will now offer its services to local businesses through MS3’s full fibre broadband. This collaboration marks a step forward in providing businesses in the East Riding and Lincolnshire region with affordable and advanced full fibre connectivity solutions.

Evolve emerged as a key player in delivering comprehensive communication technology and managed network solutions to B2B customers. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Evolve creates bespoke managed network solutions for multi-site deployments for enterprise businesses,.

A key component of Evolve’s service offering is XGS-PON technology, which powers several of its services. While it’s well-known for enabling full fibre broadband to provide businesses with high-speed, reliable and scalable internet connectivity, XGS-PON also enables the use of network monitoring tools, cloud computing programs and real-time firewalls.

Evolve’s services are particularly valuable given the upcoming retirement of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This means that full fibre connectivity will become essential for businesses that want to remain connected, as fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and ADSL broadband alternatives will no longer serve their purpose.

Evolve’s partnership with MS3 allows them to leverage MS3’s XGS-PON network to bring cutting-edge solutions to businesses in the East Riding and Lincolnshire region for the first time. Until now, Evolve has not had a full fibre network partner in these regions to offer its services through. 

“Evolve’s partnership with MS3 Networks is a game-changer for businesses seeking a reliable, efficient and bespoke communication infrastructure,” explained Neil Muttock, Commercial Director of Evolve. “Full fibre connectivity is a crucial component of many of our IT services. Partnering with MS3 enables us to offer our services to a new market, creating a greater choice of robust, reliable services to businesses in the region.”

“Welcoming Evolve to our network of partners presents an opportunity for businesses in the North to take advantage of tailored IT solutions,” added Sam Hales, Sales and Marketing Director at MS3. “Our network is expanding across the North of England, and over 535,000 premises should expect coverage by 2025. Evolve’s business comms products are now available to a market that has previously not had access to them.”

To learn more about Evolve’s managed network solutions, visit the website. To find out if your business is covered by MS3’s network, please enter your postcode here.