Calling all artists – designs invited for Puffins Galore!

2022 will be the year of the Puffin, as 40 artist-decorated Puffins land at coastal towns and attractions from Flamborough to Spurn Point as well as inland towns and villages of East Yorkshire.

Launching in May 2022, Puffins Galore! will harness the popularity of the Puffin and bring visitors from near and far to the area. Each Puffin will be uniquely designed and decorated to tell a different story of the East Coast, of our local wildlife, of green energy and climate change.

Now that many Hull and East Riding businesses and institutions have joined the flock of sponsors with almost 30 of the 40 Puffins fully funded, the Puffins Galore! team is delighted to invite artists from around the region to submit their designs.

This is an exceptional opportunity for Hull and East Yorkshire artists to play a significant part in an event that will create huge excitement all around the East Riding and beyond. Its popularity will ensure that the creativity of every artist taking part will be showcased to a mass audience, as well as connecting them to other artists, businesses and the wider community.

The beautiful Puffin sculptures, standing 1.5m tall, offer an inspirational, blank 3D canvas for artists to have fun with and work their creative magic on.

Puffins Galore! are looking for artists who have experience in responding to a similar brief and producing artwork which is visually exciting and robust enough for the public domain. Anyone interested should take a look at the Artists’ Brief and Submission Form at  

All designs must be submitted by 12.00pm on Monday 14th February 2022.