Can a virtual PA work with an in-house team?

It’s easy to assume that an outsourced personal assistant is only for business owners who work alone, as they’ll use the arrangement as a means of delegating certain tasks that they would otherwise complete themselves. However, a virtual PA can actually operate alongside an in-house team of any size by following effective communication and collaboration strategies. Here are some ways that the two can work together to full effect.

Create clear communication channels

Establish clear channels of communication between the outsourced PA and the in-house team. This could include email, instant messaging platforms, video meetings, project management tools such as Slack, or good old phone calls. Ensure that everyone knows how to reach each other and establish protocols for communication and response times, such as sharing the days or hours your virtual PA is hired to work.

Schedule regular updates

It’s important to plan regular check-ins or team meetings where the virtual PA can participate remotely. These meetings can be used to discuss ongoing tasks, priorities, updates, achievements and goals. Video conferencing tools such as Teams can be used to facilitate easy face-to-face communication, not to mention save a lot of time for everyone involved.

Use shared task management tools

There are all kinds of shared task management tools and project management platforms available, such as and Asana. These will allow your in-house teams and outsourced PA to collaborate on projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track a project’s progress. As well as making things more efficient, this also provides visibility to all team members and ensures that everyone is aware of the status of various tasks.

Make the most of shared document systems

Sometimes multiple people will need to work on a single document, which can be done through shared document systems such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. By having easy access to shared information, both the in-house team and the virtual PA can stay aligned, rather than having multiple versions of the same document at different stages.

Clearly define roles and responsibilities

Ensure that the roles and responsibilities of the outsourced PA and the in-house team are logical and clear. This minimises overlap and confusion, allowing everyone to focus on their specific tasks and areas of expertise.

Book in regular evaluation sessions

Conduct performance evaluations and provide feedback to your virtual PA on a regular basis, such as monthly or quarterly. This helps to maintain a consistent level of quality and ensures that they are meeting the expectations of the in-house team. Feedback should be constructive and aim to improve collaboration and efficiency, resulting in a well-oiled machine that brings top results.

Build rapport and trust

It also helps to foster a positive working relationship between your virtual PA and the in-house team. Encourage open communication, mutual respect and team-building exercises such as virtual social events, as regular interactions help to nurture a cohesive team dynamic.

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