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Ahead of Safer Internet Day, how can we better protect families online?

Ofcom’s Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes 2023 report revealed that 97 per cent of children aged between three and 17 have accessed the internet. It’s no surprise considering a child’s digital footprint begins before they’re even born. With Safer Internet Day around the corner on February 6, SIM-only mobile provider spusu offers tips for keeping young people safe online.

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Essential resources and suppliers for DIY enthusiasts in Hull

Hull, a city steeped in maritime history, has become a hub for DIY enthusiasts. With a growing interest in home improvements and personal projects, the need for reliable and diverse DIY resources is more prominent than ever. From quaint hardware stores to specialist suppliers, Hull caters to every aspect of the DIY spectrum, ensuring your projects not only start off on the right foot but also reach a successful completion.

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