Chair of Hull Pride announces departure after five successful years

Pride in Hull, a leader in the advocacy of LGBT+ rights and inclusion, and renowned for its spectacular annual LGBT+ Pride event, will undergo a significant change in leadership. Jamie Lewis, the Chair of Trustees, is stepping down at the end of January, marking the end of an impactful five-year tenure. The charity is delighted to announce that Andy Train, a respected member of the board, will succeed Jamie as the new Chair.

Jamie Lewis and Andy Train

During his dedicated five-year service, Jamie Lewis has been the driving force behind numerous successful initiatives and developments with the Pride in Hull Charity. His leadership has navigated the team through challenges and growth. Jamie’s tenure as Chair has ensured that Hull and the East Riding thrive as a safe space for the local LGBT+ community and its allies.

Laura Toyne, Trustee of Pride in Hull, said: ”Jamie’s leadership has transformed Pride in Hull. He brought vision, passion, and tireless dedication to this role. Through working with the Trustees, we have seen the attendance almost double that of five years ago. While we are sad to see him leave, we are excited for the new perspectives and ideas that Andy will bring to this position.”

Assuming the role in February 2024, Andy Train brings extensive experience as a founding member and Vice Chair for nearly 21 years. He held key national and international roles, co-founding the UK Pride Organisers Network and serving on the Global Advisory Council for InterPride. Andy played a crucial role in bringing the first UK Pride to Hull in 2017 and has volunteered extensively for Pride events globally. Over the past three years, he has supported local prides in the region and dedicated over two decades to the Hull & ER LGBT+ Forum.

Laura adds: ”Andy’s appointment stems from a thoughtful succession planning process guided by the Board of Trustees, and we have confidence that he is the right person to build upon Jamie’s legacy, to lead Pride in Hull through its next chapter.”

Jamie Lewis adds: “It has been an incredible journey, and I am proud of what we have accomplished together. I am confident that with Andy at the helm, Pride in Hull can look towards a bright and prosperous future.”