Cost of living support for Hull residents – improving skills, know-how and resilience

Humber Job Hub CIC, in conjunction with Aviva Community Fund, aim to increase Cost of Living support for the people of Hull by providing them with IT access and skills, money management know-how and mental health support to build resilience and connections.

Humber Job Hub started delivering employment support in 2019 and have worked with over 350 people with a success rate of 75% of people either securing a long-term job or going back into further education to retrain for a future job in a growth industry. More importantly, 100% of people that have used Humber Job Hub reported that their self-esteem and confidence had improved, and anxiety and stress levels had reduced.

Funds raised will help deliver:

  • Weekly workshops teaching residents money skills that have a lasting impact on their finances. 
  • Individual and group sessions for stress and anxiety, including counselling and coping strategies – supporting individuals to a place where they feel in control and confident in improving their present life circumstances.
  • Access to laptops/internet and programmes of support and learning concentrating on the training of basic IT skills giving participants access to services, grants, government support etc.

The project will also have more reaching benefits to participants as they learn basic IT skills, how to make GP appointments online, access other health services, research local community employment and volunteering opportunities, learn how to complete an online shop and be part of our membership increasing their social and friendship networks reducing isolation particularly for those with mobility issues.

Angela Harraway, Project Director at Humber Job Hub CIC, said: “We are thankful to Aviva for giving us the opportunity to raise funds through their platform for our Cost of Living project to help Hull residents. Bringing the community together for everyone’s benefit, improving life circumstances and reducing income poverty in Hull. All donations are greatly appreciated, however small.”

The cost of living increased sharply across the UK during 2021 and 2022. The annual rate of inflation reached 11.1% in October 2022, a 41-year high.  As a result food, road fuel prices and household energy bills in the UK have increased.

Low-income households spend a larger proportion than average on energy and food, so are more affected by price increases. Food bank charities are reporting an increase in demand:  the Trussell Trust reported that in April-September 2022 they provided almost 1.3 million emergency food parcels, a third more than in the same period in 2021 and 50% more than pre-pandemic levels.

An estimated 14.5 million people were living in poverty in the UK before the pandemic or cost of living crisis even started. Reported in the last IMD, Hull was ranked the fourth most deprived city in the country. HJH has recently consulted with over 200 new people, past service users and community Ambassadors regarding the development of support services Humber Job Hub can continue to provide to help residents adapt and become more resilient in an ever-changing world. Consultations showed that people are most worried about finances, losing jobs and homes and providing for their families. Residents reported needing easy access to finance, mental health and employment support. 

This funding will enable HJH to expand services and provide the immediate support people in Hull need including Money Management, basic IT skills and mental health support to reduce stress and anxiety. 

A few quotes from members who have used the group’s services

“When I joined, I felt hopeless but can’t compare to how I feel now. As a learner with Humber Job Hub, I feel included, that they really care and know what they are doing. They are good at this – really cool!”

“Humber Job Hub helped build my self-esteem, were non-judgemental and on my side. They gave me a sense of direction and made everyone feel comfortable and included.”

“The IT trainer was very patient with students. Taking time with everyone to ensure a full understanding of the subjects being covered.”

“I really enjoyed coming to Costello for the Building Resilience sessions. It was nice to talk in a group and I felt comfortable doing that. I will take away some helpful tips to keep going, stay strong and positive.”

“Helpful, enjoyable. Gave me a sense of purpose and a place to be every week. Hearing stories from others and the praise given was great, especially as sharing can be difficult at times.”

For more information about the Crowdfunder project and to donate, please visit—skills-knowledge-and-resilience