East End Cancer Charity supports Castle Hill Hospital’s Queen’s Centre

Easington’s East End Cancer Relief Charity has donated £8,639.00 worth of equipment to the Queen’s Centre for Oncology and Haematology at Castle Hill Hospital.

Maggie Biglin, Ruth Gibson, Andrea Robinson and Lisa Pryor

The East End Cancer Relief’s trustees, Lisa Pryor, Maggie Biglin and Andrea Robinson have rallied members of the local community together by organising a vast array of activities including, Welwick bike ride, sales, pub quiz, auction, garden party, craft fair and Christmas party raising £11,119.

The funds have been used to provide specialist body composition analyser scales and furniture for a relative’s room on Ward 29.

Trustee, Andrea Robinson, said: “We are very proud to be able to provide support in this way and special thanks to everyone who has helped at the events, everyone who has donated either money or goods to contribute to the incredible amount raised, every penny helps. We worked alongside the Hospital’s WISHH Charity to identify how our funds could be used for the benefit of cancer patients.

Andrea continues: “The East End Cancer Relief (EECR) was originally set up in the late 1970s and over the years has raised £190,000.  In May 2023, EECR became a registered charity, with the Trustees Lisa Pryor, Maggie Biglin and Andrea Robinson taking the reins. We are looking forward to building upon our work for the benefit of cancer patients.” 

Ruth Gibson, Upper GI Dietitian and Oncology Clinical Lead, said: “The Oncology Dietetic team are extremely grateful for the support from East End Cancer Relief Charity. We will be able to use the measurements from bioimpedence scales to promote monitoring of muscle mass versus fat mass whilst our patients are on cancer treatment. We will use this data to promote prehabiliation and more targeted nutritional interventions for pre/post-surgical patients, as well as those on active oncological treatments.

“We feel this will enable patients to be more involved in their nutritional pathway in order to achieve their outcomes. There is the potential to use these scales to help with the diagnosis of sarcopenia for a more individualised nutritional care plan. The scales give us scope for research and clinical trials in the future in order to improve clinical outcomes.”

The East End Cancer Relief team is now planning further activities and will be working alongside the hospital’s WISHH Charity to identify further areas they can support.