East Yorkshire software firm sees sharp growth in healthcare sector

Brough-based software company, Global View, grew its customer numbers rapidly despite the pandemic. It is now expanding its annual awards to host two national NHS events alongside NHS England.

Healthcare domestics and cleaners are on the frontline in the battle against COVID and other such threats, as their duty to ensure areas are clean and infections are controlled was heightened as the pandemic took hold and the quality of their work came under constant pressure and spotlight scrutiny – but the time has come to shine a different spotlight on these unsung heroes, for much more joyous reasons: an awards celebrating the great, often strenuous work they do to keep the public safe.

Everybody deserves their day to be praised and appreciated and the unsung heroes of the NHS such as non-clinical staff like porters and healthcare domestics and cleaners are no different – that is the belief of GV Healthcare, part of Global View – the Brough-based creators of task management solutions which help these very people, who have this month launched The National MyCleaning Awards in association with NHS England, working with the team who oversee the running and management of NHS Estates and Facilities teams across the nation.

In the last 24 months, GV Healthcare have seen their MyPorter task management software solution go from being installed in two hospitals to now be the market lead, and that is largely down to the way they work as a business – growing long-term partnerships by listening to the people who will be using the software in their day-to-day working lives, along with getting to know their customers’ needs, developing software with this in mind, with the input from those who will be using it. This has allowed the company to “see behind the curtain”, getting to know these people on a more personal level, which is what led to the company wanting to do more to shine a light on the great work being done by the non-clinical teams within the NHS, who are often overlooked due to the heroic actions and importance of doctors and nurses within their working environment. As GV Healthcare have seen firsthand, the likes of porters and healthcare cleaners have an impact on patients’ lives and experiences within a hospital too. Even if their cog in ‘the machine’ isn’t as big as a doctor’s or nurse’s, without them, part of a hospital no longer functions.

GV Healthcare launched their successful MyPorter Awards two years ago for these very reasons, which has gone on to shine a spotlight on the great work portering teams do across the country – raising the profile of portering as a whole – even gaining praise at last year’a awards from celebrity Nick Knowles who sent in a video to show his appreciation for these unsung heroes of the NHS. Now GV Healthcare are going one step further and looking to replicate the success with healthcare cleaning, not instead of, but as well as their annual porter event. The National MyPorter Awards will also relaunch this October, again in association with NHS England.

Matt Wright, CEO at Global View, said: “We develop our solutions in a highly collaborative way. This has provided us with access to the teams and their stories. We felt we needed to showcase the work the porters and domestics are doing – hence the awards. Their efforts are vital and should not go unnoticed.”

Both the cleaning awards and the portering awards are open to any relevant team member within the UK and Ireland and will see separate live awards events take place in London in late February 2023. Categories for The National MyCleaning Awards include: Domestic of The Year (MyCleaning Award), Lifetime Achievement, Healthcare Cleaning Team of The Year, Leadership of The Year, Newcomer of The Year and Auditor of The Year (MyAudit Award). The awards will be judged by members of NHS England, including Emma Brookes, Head of Soft FM Strategy and Operation, and Philip Shelley, Senior Operational & Policy Manager Soft FM.

Estates and Facilities teams are being encouraged to send in their nominations and help celebrate those deserving of extra praise.

To enter or find out more about The National MyCleaning Awards, please visit www.mycleaningtasks.com