Electoral register door-knock to begin as part of annual canvass

Residents who have not yet confirmed their household voter registration details will receive a knock at the door from tomorrow, Friday 16 September, as council representatives start to visit outstanding properties.

The annual canvass takes place to allow the council to keep the electoral register up-to-date, and all households who have previously received a canvass form need to respond. Being correctly registered means residents can take part in any upcoming elections.

Letters and emails were sent to households at the start of summer asking for details to be updated online, by text or phone. Those who have not yet returned this information will receive a call any time over the coming weeks.

All canvassers will have photo ID confirming their visit which residents are encouraged to check before giving out any information. Residents will be asked to confirm details and sign the form – this takes only a couple of minutes at the door. If there is no response after a couple of visits, canvassers will post the form through the letter box with a calling card with instructions and a freepost return envelope.

Matt Jukes, Electoral Registration Officer, said: “It’s really important that all households respond, whether the information is correct or if it needs updating, so we can make sure we have the right details on the electoral register for every address in the city.

“Over 90 percent of households respond each year, but I’m urging all households to respond through one of the quick and easy methods.”

Each household is required by law to make sure the details on the form are correct and if they don’t, could face a fine.

There will be a suspension for the day of the Queen’s funeral on Monday 19 September, and the canvass runs until 28 October.

Residents that have any questions can find out more here or by contacting the elections team on 01482 300 302.