Enjoy seamless connectivity with spusu WiFi calling

Mobile operator spusu has officially launched WiFi calling across all its mobile plans. Following its entrance into the UK market in summer 2023, this strategic move underscores spusu’s commitment to delivering unparalleled connectivity solutions to its customers, reshaping the landscape of telecommunications in the United Kingdom.

WiFi calling allows mobile users to make and receive calls seamlessly over a WiFi network, providing an alternative communication method in areas where signal is poor. The feature ensures uninterrupted communication, even in challenging network conditions, offering customers greater flexibility and convenience.

Whether you’re at home, in a coffee shop or at the office, if you’re having a signal problem, you can use WiFi to call as normal and at no additional cost. From a user perspective, WiFi calling works just like any other call — you can use all the same features you’d usually use, like three-way calling and speakerphone.

WiFi calling adds to spusu’s existing high quality calling network, which already enables calls over the 4G network. Now, with the addition of WiFi calling, customers can benefit from a more seamless calling service with fewer gaps in availability. Should a caller find themselves in a location with poor signal strength, especially in buildings with thick walls or in remote locations, they should not have to worry about keeping connected.

Christian Banhans, Director of spusu UK, expressed enthusiasm about this transformative development: “At spusu, we are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that simplify and enrich their communication experience. The introduction of free WiFi calling reinforces our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, ensuring that our users stay connected anytime, anywhere.”

For more information about spusu’s free WiFi calling and other services, please visit spusu.co.uk.