Flex Health partners with ATHX to elevate athlete recovery and performance

In a milestone collaboration, leading physiotherapy provider Flex Health supports ATHX for the Ultimate Functional Fitness Experience, providing specialised recovery and treatment services for participants.

Flex Health, one of the UK’s leading physiotherapy and recovery specialists, has announced a significant partnership with the ATHX Functional Fitness Experience, a new and exhilarating competition being brought forth by SID and NFG teams. This collaboration sets a benchmark in the fusion of fitness and health sectors, promising a transformative athletic experience.

The ATHX competition, developed in collaboration with Marchon Training, promises an intense yet rewarding 2.5-hour fitness experience. Participants can expect three rigorous workouts encompassing Strength, Endurance, and MetconX, all held under the atmospheric glow of night lights.

Playing a pivotal role in this ground-breaking fitness event, Flex Health was asked to ensure athletes received top-tier recovery treatment and advice before, during, and after the competition. Flex Health offered its services in two areas: the ATHX Recovery Zone and the Athlete Area.

In the ATHX Recovery Zone, athletes had access to two physiotherapy stations complete with recovery aids, and expert advice from Flex Health professionals.

Meanwhile, in the Athlete Area, more physiotherapists were positioned, providing crucial pre- and post-competition treatments to the competitors. Flex Health experts Alex and Matt led personalised mobility sessions in the Affiliates Area, ensuring each athlete received individualised care.

Flex Health used the platform to raise brand awareness and enlighten athletes about their industry-leading digital solution, the Flex Health App. This cutting-edge app is set to revolutionise how both athletes and the general public manage their health and fitness regimes, underscoring Flex Health’s commitment to innovation and user-friendly technology.

Matt Booth, Director of Flex Health, said: “We are thrilled to be a part of this revolutionary fitness event. The integration of our expertise in physiotherapy with the ATHX Functional Fitness Experience is a prime example of our dedication to supporting and uplifting the athletic community, as well as the wider general public.”

For more information about Flex Health and their range of services, visit www.flex-health.co.uk