Free up your time by outsourcing to a Virtual PA

With a new year on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to analyse your current work setup and decide whether everything is as efficient as possible.

Efficiency isn’t just about sticking to deadlines and increasing production, as it also involves delegating where suitable in order to maximise the value of your time whilst achieving a healthy work-life balance. Chances are that hiring a virtual personal assistant will help you to make this happen, as there are multiple tasks and duties they can remove from your daily, weekly, monthly and annual to-do lists.

Keeping everyone on the same page

From daily meetings to AGMs, a virtual personal assistant can provide detailed minute taking to ensure that everything discussed is typed up in a clear and accurate way. These minutes are then distributed to each attendee so that they can be held accountable for any points they need to action. If your meeting is held online through a video platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, a virtual PA can join you and log everything in real time.

Taking the stress out of paperwork

The world is becoming increasingly paperless but it will never be document-free. Your virtual PA can produce, manage, distribute and store contracts, legal agreements, PowerPoint presentations, manuals, guides, policies and good old letters of correspondence, which not only frees up your time but also removes a huge weight from your shoulders.

Safely storing every receipt

Have you ever been scolded by your accountant because you can’t find the receipts from when you bought new office equipment or treated a client to lunch? It’s easily done and can really mess up your accounts and tax returns, which is why having a professional and dedicated virtual PA brings complete peace of mind. They can liaise with members of staff and external suppliers where appropriate to gather the digital receipts, ensuring that you can account for every penny.

Getting you from A to B

Every business owner, C-level executive and manager will need to travel from time to time, and some far more often than others. Travel management involves your personal virtual assistant booking your transport (everything from planes and trains to taxis and Ubers), accommodation, restaurants, theatre shows and anything else that you require whilst on the road or based in another city. They’ll also check that your journeys are still running on time and let you know if there are any delays, disruptions or cancellations, followed by swiftly booking a convenient alternative.

Ensuring you never miss an appointment

You’re a very busy person who’s constantly spinning plates, so surely it’s understandable if you miss the occasional email, phone call or even a meeting, right? Wrong. This can mess up other people’s schedules and make clients feel unvalued, so it’s crucial that you have a system in place that guarantees every message, call and appointment is either replied to, answered or saved in your diary.

You guessed it – a virtual PA can do all of this for you and even factor in your breaks, lunch hours, personal life and holidays.

And so much more…

To explore the full range of services a virtual personal assistant can provide either on a regular basis or simply whenever required, get in touch with Niki Bardsley at or call 07707 830394.