Full fibre broadband, done locally: MS3 Networks extends partnership with Open Fibre

Hull-based full fibre network operator MS3 Networks has extended its long-term partnership with local internet service provider Open Fibre.

The partnership will allow Open Fibre to offer its broadband connectivity to homes and businesses across the entire MS3 network, which is on a rapid expansion project to bring affordable, gigabit-speed internet to towns and cities in the North East of England.

Open Fibre is an internet service provider (ISP) based in Hull, servicing the Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire regions. Having worked with MS3 for the last five-and-a-half years to connect business customers to the full fibre networks, Open Fibre offers both business and residential fibre broadband packages at an affordable price point.

Over the past year, MS3 has experienced rapid expansion following a successful investment round in December 2021. In the next four years, it expects to see 500,000 UK premises connected to its fibre network across a growing number of locations. The network’s initial expansion in Hull began in January 2022 and was coupled with a launch into North Lincolnshire at the end of 2022, with a rollout underway that will service 35,000 premises in Scunthorpe and 95,000 across Cleethorpes and Grimsby.

Open Fibre is available across the entire MS3 network, meaning homes and businesses operating in any of the areas already connected, as well as any area that the MS3 network expands into, will have a new internet service provider (ISP) to choose from, bringing choice to the communities it serves.

MS3 Networks connected Open Fibre to the network in November 2022, with several homes and businesses already connected. With residential internet packages available from just £30 per month, and business packages starting from £35, residents and businesses alike can access ultrafast, reliable internet connections at an affordable price point.

 “With the cost-of-living crisis affecting our local community, it’s vitally important that broadband remains accessible to everyone. Internet access isn’t just a nicety, it’s an essential utility,” explained Ben Chetham, managing director of Open Fibre.

“Open Fibre gives people and businesses the choice of a Hull-based, community-focused broadband provider operating on a proven, trusted and local network operated by MS3.”

“MS3’s own survey conducted across Hull revealed that 41 per cent of residents would switch broadband provider, even for the same monthly fee, just because they have the choice,” added Sam Hales, sales and marketing director at MS3 Networks. “Partnering with Open Fibre directly satisfies the needs and desires of the communities we serve — it brings greater choice and ultimately gives our customers the opportunity to make a saving.”

For more information on Open Fibre’s broadband deals, please visit the website. To learn more about MS3’s wholesale platform for ISPs, please contact the team here.