Full fibre expansion supports North Lincolnshire economy

Wholesale-only fibre network operator MS3 Networks has expanded its full fibre coverage to over 60,000 premises across Lincolnshire, including homes in Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire. The growing network will enable economic expansion across the region by facilitating internet speeds of one gigabit per second (Gbps) while delivering more choice of service provider to local people.  

The expansion contributes to North Lincolnshire Council’s commitment to providing better digital infrastructure and attracting businesses to invest in the region. With MS3’s expansion into Scunthorpe nearing completion, the finished network could add up to £9m to Scunthorpe’s GDP and create up to 100 local jobs, according to an independent report commissioned by MS3.

Ultrafast networks can help to attract larger businesses to the area too, because the more employees a business has, the faster its connection must be. MS3 offers fibre to the premise (FTTP) connectivity, which facilitates speeds of one Gbps, compared to the 80 megabits per second (Mbps) available through the more common fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) connectivity.

In addition to offering greater internet speeds, the rollout could also offer savings to both local businesses and residents through MS3’s partnerships with internet service providers (ISPs) across the area. Boasting a network of over 30 ISP partners, the network expansion facilitates more choice in broadband provider with increased competition helping to drive down prices.

The North Lincolnshire communities that will benefit from MS3’s FTTP rollout have historically endured poor connectivity, often excluding them from the digital economy.

With the rise of homeworking, companies are increasingly open to hiring from outside big cities. According to a recent CIPD report, 48 per cent of employers that are ‘open to location’ reported that they had recruited from a wider geography in 2022. Full fibre broadband that can handle homeworking provides an excellent opportunity for North Lincolnshire to retain skilled workers and avoid ‘brain drain’ — where university-educated young people leave in search of jobs.

“Supporting economic growth across regions that are at risk of digital exclusion is a hugely important part of our work at MS3,” said Guy Miller, CEO of MS3 Networks.

“Access to full fibre broadband not only attracts new businesses to an area, but also encourages local talent to stay, which is key in driving the economy of regions such as North Lincolnshire.”

Councillor Tim Mitchell, North Lincolnshire Council’s cabinet member for connectivity, agrees: “Fast, reliable broadband is vital for local people and businesses. With the rise in people working from home this superfast broadband opens up a world of opportunity for local people. It is also a key factor when attracting new businesses to the area and helping current ones grow.”

“The council continues to work with leading companies like MS3 Networks to bring fast connections to local areas.”

To check whether MS3’s ultrafast full fibre website is available at your address, please visit the website.