Gen Z business leader leaves ego at the door

At just 19, Subhash Chatterjee stands out as the youngest employer in Hull, leading a team of 20 with a business turnover of £1 million.

Subhash Chatterjee

He has become a beacon of innovation and transformational leadership at the helm of the award-winning digital marketing consultancy, One SC Media. During his own adolescence, Subhash successfully started and grew a business, steering a team where every member is older than him, ranging from age 20 to 32, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

A natural leader, Subhash recruits fellow students from the University of Hull and recently acquired a friend’s video production business, whilst integrating him into the expanding enterprise. His approach challenges traditional employment norms, as fellow Gen-Zedders revel in the trust, freedom, and supportive environment at One SC Media.

What sets Subhash apart is his seemingly innate ability for innovation and leadership, and disciplined work ethic, possibly influenced by his cadet background and his parents who are both doctors. Known for conducting meetings at 6am to fit around other people’s schedules, Subhash’s commitment to helping others, including fellow students, is tangible.

Subhash embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16, establishing One SC Media at his family’s kitchen table during pandemic lockdowns. The quantum leap he took to accomplish numerous typically post-grad qualifications for fun, and manage diverse projects, is nothing short of extraordinary, and he is currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management until 2025.

Fannie Yeung from the University of Hull is astounded by Subhash’s achievements, predicting a future comparable to the likes of Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Richard Branson. As a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Director of Student Events and Leader of Student Experience at the University, Fannie shares her observations: “I believe he is a genius; Subhash is undeniably the one to watch. Turning over £1 million and employing 20 individuals while pursuing his degree is no small feat.”

At 32, Keava Lennon, a second-year Accounting and Management student and CSR Lead at One SC Media, manages fundraising for charities and organises events. She says: “I studied business management and learned about the difference between being a leader and a manager, so it’s weird when I started working here and found the unicorn that doesn’t exist is actually my new employer!

“The Gen-Z approach is much less structured than what I had been used to. Flexible and remote working come as standard, plus Subhash is available; we don’t have to make appointments for discussions. This is a much more productive way of working. He takes on board what people say and listens to ideas; I can speak on behalf of the team when I say we all feel listened to and our ideas turn into actions. It’s a collaboration rather than being told what to do. This is empowering and motivating; I am thoroughly enjoying my role and working with the team.”

Uven Chandra Segaran, 26, is an international student from Malaysia. “When I arrived in Hull, Subhash was the first person I met in a group workshop. I could see what kind of person he is – his leadership skills shone. I joined the company as a Project Manager last year and manage a team of my own; we are working on a game plan for the business.”

Qi Lin, 20, Content Creator, is in her final year in Business and Marketing at the University. She says: “I know this is an unusual work environment but the results speak for themselves. I love coming to work; we are all good friends, and I am getting great experience with my own clients and support from the rest of the team.”