HoH Food Hall: Holy Brunch

From artisanal avo on toast to the finest steaks just how you like them, Holy Brunch knows how to satisfy your appetite.

If you’ve been down Paragon Arcade in the last few months, you’ll have no doubt seen Holy Brunch nestled amongst its many independent stores. First opened in August 2021, the casual restaurant and take-out favourite proved so popular that it swiftly outgrew its premises and is today opening a larger unit inside HoH Food Hall.

For those who agree that breakfast can be a little too early in the day for eating but lunch is leaving it too late, brunch really is the perfect solution. It also combines the best of both worlds, as a typical brunch tends to be a fresh, delicious and satisfying feast for all the senses. Holy Brunch very much celebrates this culinary ethos, as its menu presents a wide variety of tempting dishes that are simply too good to ignore.

“At HoH Food Hall we’ll have three main offerings,” said co-owner Mac Lloyd. “Monday to Saturday from 10am till 4pm there’ll be the classic Holy Brunch menu that everyone knows and loves, with hashes, avocado on artisanal toast, bacon, beans, sausage, halloumi, all of that good stuff. Choose a signature dish or combine your favourites and you have yourself the perfect brunch.

“Then there’s our Steak Club, which will run 6pm to 10pm and present only the very best steaks to fit all budgets. From juicy rump and mouth-watering sirloin to the luxurious chateaubriand, you can have your favourite cut of beef cooked however you like it. Make sure to treat yourself to some sides too, such as triple cooked chips, charred corn on the cob, wilted spinach with chilli flakes and buttered garden peas.

“Last but by no means least, on Sundays from 11:30am till 6pm we’ll be serving up our celebrated Alternative Sunday Lunch. A massive Yorkshire pudding generously stuffed with meat, veg and gravy or a vegetarian filler – there’s no better way to spend your Sunday.”

Fellow co-owner Candice Hannan said: “Over 90% of our ingredients are extremely fresh and we don’t freeze anything, which makes a huge difference to each meal. You can really see and taste the quality, as our mission is to get the flavours working together perfectly every time.”

Holy Brunch will open with a team of four, although Mac and Candice already expect to take on new members very soon:

“I’m still in regular conversation with tutors at Hull College who put young chefs in touch with me,” said Mac. “We’re fully prepared to create more jobs when the time comes and very proud to offer local people the opportunity to join a passionate independent food business.”

“We have a new starter called Holly who’s a great asset to Holy Brunch,” added Candice. “She’s so excited to work with fresh produce on a daily basis and we can’t wait to see her in action when we open inside HoH Food Hall.”

Mac and Candice also told us that they didn’t want to lose what Holy Brunch stands for when moving premises, which is high-quality meals and smaller snacks in intimate, relaxed and community-focused surroundings. With a friendly vibe that welcomes all age groups and families, HoH Food Hall is the perfect place for Holy Brunch to start its next chapter of casual dining with an exciting twist.

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