HoH Food Hall: Northern Sole Fish Kitchen

Fish fans and seafood enthusiasts will love the latest dining destination to open inside the stylish HoH Food Hall.

Since opening in early December 2021, the team at HoH Food Hall has worked tirelessly to seek out the very best independent chefs and artisanal food creators to fill its many concession pods. This week sees the opening of Northern Sole Fish Kitchen, which is dedicated to serving up the wide-ranging flavours of the sea.

Local husband and wife Bobby and Tracy Joyce are the owners of Northern Sole Fish Kitchen, and their passion for high-quality fish and seafood is tangible. Following twenty years of working for leading seafood supplier Smales, Bobby has unparalleled knowledge of seasonal products and how to source them. Meanwhile, Tracy has worked in bars, hotels and the wider hospitality sector for many years, giving the duo all of the know-how and expertise required to open a vibrant new independent eatery.

“This is the first time we’ve set up our own business and it’s both daunting and exciting,” said Bobby. “We have three chefs on board, with Alan Nichol bringing vast experience in his role as Head Chef. We know they’ll do HoH Food Hall and its visitors proud every single day.”

Bobby says that the menu will be ever-changing in line with seasonal availability of seafood products, as some species taste better at certain times of the year than others. This means that you’ll never be offered anything but the very finest when visiting Northern Sole Fish Kitchen, which can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Tracy and I spent some time in HoH Food Hall earlier this year and we fell in love with the place,” said Bobby. “We had a chat and decided that it offered an amazing opportunity to set up a family business, so we spoke to the food hall’s team about our idea. The next thing we knew, we were preparing to open our own business!”

When Northern Sole Fish Kitchen launches on Saturday 2nd April, you can expect a comprehensive and adventurous menu. Hot options such as baked and grilled fish will sit alongside ocean-based dishes and nibbles like scallops, mussels, oysters, fish tacos and seafood platters. A classic fish and chips will also be a menu staple for those who are looking for a more familiar meal made with skill and flair.

“Northern Sole Fish Kitchen offers visitors to HoH the chance to try something new,” said Bobby. “It’s casual dining in amazing surroundings, so you can enjoy quality seafood at any time of day. I’m also a singer-songwriter, so you may even see me performing during one of its live music nights.”

Due to the format of the food hall, different members of your group can purchase meals from individual vendors. This means that if you adore seafood but your partner isn’t a fan, you can both find something to fill your belly and sit together. It also presents a great opportunity to explore what seafood has to offer without having to commit to a three-course meal, as the dining atmosphere of HoH Food Hall is relaxed, friendly and a celebration of numerous cuisines.

“Personally, I love a nice baked piece of hake,” said Bobby when we asked him for his favourite dish. “My wife is more about her mussels, scallops and oysters, as she could eat them every day. Whatever you fancy when it comes to fish and seafood, we’re sure to have something to excite your taste buds.”

With products regularly supplied by local businesses Smales, Neptune Fish and Compact Foods and then freshly prepared by skilled chefs, the brand new Northern Sole Fish Kitchen is a must-visit dining experience in HoH Food Hall that’s open seven days a week (11am-9pm Mon-Fri and 11am-8pm Sundays).

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