Hotham’s Distillery introduces new Vodka School experience and Mango Bodka

Hotham’s, the local spirits distillery, is excited to announce the launch of their new Vodka School experience, taking guests on a journey to explore the art of vodka distilling, and to create their own uniquely flavoured vodka.

To celebrate the launch of Vodka School, Hotham’s are also introducing their latest edition of the popular Bodka spirit, Mango Bodka. Rich in delicious mango flavour, it’s a delicious addition to the existing Hotham’s line-up, and sure to delight vodka lovers with its natural sweetness and refreshing taste.

The launch of Vodka School comes after the successful launch of Rum School in 2022.

The Vodka School experience will be led by co-founders and distillers, Simon and Emma Pownall, who will guide guests through the process of selecting and distilling botanicals to create their personalised flavoured vodka. Participants will learn about the history and production of vodka and gain insights into the distilling process.

Throughout the experience, guests will have the opportunity to taste and smell a wide range of botanicals, including herbs, fruits and spices, each carefully selected for their unique flavours and aromas. They will be taught how to balance these botanicals to create a vodka with a perfect flavour profile profile. Guests will also have the opportunity to sample Hotham’s Orange Vodka, Original Bodka, and the brand new Mango Bodka.

“The Vodka School experience is the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to get a behind-the-scenes look at the distillation process, and to add a personalised flavoured vodka to their spirit cupboards,” said co-founder Emma.

“Our guests will learn how to flavour their vodka with a variety of botanicals, creating a flavour that is truly unique to them.”

The workshop will take place at Hotham’s Distillery, located at 55 Whitefriargate, where guests will experience the distillation process first-hand.

Hotham’s Vodka School experience promises to be an unforgettable afternoon for any vodka enthusiast.

To book the experience or to learn more about Hotham’s Distillery, visit their website: