Hull-based green cleaning company saves over 70 tonnes of carbon emissions in one year by using post-consumer plastic packaging

Hull-based green cleaning company Bio-D has reduced its carbon emissions per single product it creates by 13% in just one year, as the business releases its 2024 Sustainability and Impact Report highlighting its latest environmental achievements. 

Heather Nixon, Sustainability, NPD and Regulatory Manager at Bio-D

The UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, vegan cleaning products – which secured B Corp Certification in 2022 – is now in its fifth year of reporting its green statistics as part of its commitment to be ethical and transparent throughout its practices.

Another highlight from this year’s report includes how the company has saved over 70 tonnes of CO2 emissions by using bottles created from 100% post-consumer plastic. In fact, Bio-D was the first UK consumer cleaning company to use post-consumer plastic in its packaging.

Proud to be celebrating its fifth year of public reporting, Bio-D’s Sustainability and Impact report outlines the economic, social and environmental impact of the company and is an opportunity to review its 2023 goals and look at its achievements over the last 12 months, as well as look at potential areas of improvement and targets for the year ahead. 

Heather Nixon, sustainability, NPD and regulatory manager at Bio-D, said: “For half a decade now we have been reporting on our practices and goals. We have been holding ourselves accountable, and that in itself has driven great changes and improvement.”

“With the increase of greenwashing and ever growing ‘eco’ brands, our customers can be assured that creating environmentally responsible products is far more than wording on a label.”

Continually innovating its products and packaging to create the most sustainable products possible, Bio-D has recently redesigned its 12.5kg Washing Powder packaging so that the same amount of product is now in a smaller box – saving over 25% of cardboard compared to its previous packaging. 

These innovations can also save customers money whilst reducing their impact on the planet, with its new concentrated formula Floor Cleaner lasting 75 washes per 750ml bottle compared to 44 from its previous formulation – a 33% reduction in price-per-wash. 

Additional successes from 2023 include a 25% reduction in electricity usage at Bio-D’s factory and an overall decrease of over 30% in waste CO2e compared to the previous year. Its focus on five litre and 20 litre refill options for its product has also saved over 1.3 million consumer sized bottles over the past year.

Over the past five years Bio-D has reduced its gas carbon footprint to zero and transferring to electricity generated solely by solar power means that the company is net zero for both Scope 1 and Scope 2.

Lloyd Atkin, managing director at Bio-D, added: “The past year has seen some significant environmental achievements here, none of which could happen without our dedicated team that go above and beyond on our ever-evolving green journey.”

Read Bio-D’s 2024 Sustainability and Impact Report here. For more information visit