Hull City Council sets up new crime prevention fund to make Hull safer

Local residents and community groups will soon be able to bid for grants to tackle crime within their neighbourhoods.

A £250,000 Crime Prevention Fund has been given the official go-ahead by Hull City Council, with the aim of supporting community-based safety solutions.

As well as traditional schemes such as tenfoot gating and security lighting, projects that could help reduce the likelihood of people getting involved in crime, improve local facilities, and events that raise community awareness of measures to reduce crime could also get funding.

Cllr Rob Pritchard, Portfolio Holder for Communities, Crime Prevention and Culture, said: “I’m pleased to see the establishment of this fund, and I’m confident it will benefit communities throughout the city.

“We know residents want to see persistent crime and antisocial behaviour problems tackled, including drug use and dealing, burglary, fly-tipping, speeding, the misuse of motorbikes, and damage and graffiti.

“The aim of the Crime Prevention Fund is to help people tackle these problems and make communities safer places for everyone. All work will support the key aims of Hull’s Police and Crime Plan, which are to have engaged, resilient and inclusive communities; safer communities; and effective organisations.

“With our partners in the police and other organisations, we understand that nobody wants to be a victim of crime or become involved in crime themselves. Work to provide opportunities for people at risk of being drawn into criminal activity can make a huge difference, alongside physical crime prevention measures themselves.

“Above all, we want to see neighbourhoods and public spaces that are safer, cleaner, more inclusive and pleasant for everyone. 

“Details of how to apply for our Crime Prevention Fund will be finalised and communicated soon. We encourage residents and organisations throughout Hull to design creative and effective projects and come forward with a bid”.