Hull City Council’s volunteer call-out

A call has been issued for new volunteers to work with young people experiencing drug or alcohol problems.

Refresh, a support service for 12- to 18-year-olds commissioned by Hull City Council, has seen volunteer numbers decline since the pandemic. Those who take the role work directly with young people as well as their parents and carers.

Young people seeking help from Refresh may be trying to stop or control their drug or alcohol use, or accessing general support with areas like education, housing or relationships.

The amount of time spent volunteering is flexible, and can be fitted around work, family and other commitments. No specific qualifications or experience are needed, however everyone must undergo a DBS (criminal record) check.

A spokesperson for Refresh said: “A reduction in volunteer numbers is one of the lasting impacts of the pandemic. With face-to-face work impossible for a long time, some of those who previously volunteered are no longer able to, and new people haven’t yet come forward.

“Refresh relies on volunteers to be able to provide young people with the level of support they need and deserve. Those who give their time are an invaluable part of the service.

“We know that often the issue is people simply not being aware of the volunteering opportunities which are out there. We’re all still adjusting to emerging from the pandemic and finding our way to a new normal.

“That’s why we’re issuing a call now and letting people know the doors are open and we can’t wait to welcome new volunteers to our team!”

Cllr Dave McCobb, Portfolio Holder for Communications and Engagement, said: “Volunteering with Refresh is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a bit of free time. It may be someone who wants to give back to the community, gain experience working with young people or do something that makes a difference.  

“It could be ideal for students looking to start a career or boost a CV – anyone aged 18 and over is able to volunteer and it’s quick and easy to apply online.

“By working with this invaluable service, you’re directly helping individual young people and their families, as well as reducing the impact drug and alcohol use has on wider communities.

“In Hull we have a proud history of coming together and supporting each other – volunteering is a vital part of that”.

To apply and for more information, please visit