Hull secondary schools take part in carbon reduction project

Eleven Hull secondary schools have signed up to a project that will support them to reduce their carbon emissions while helping students learn about environmental sustainability. 

The Climate Changemakers project has been developed by Oh Yes! Net Zero, the community of over 170 Hull and Humber-based organisations committed to taking action to achieve net zero. 

It aims to help local schools develop the skills and knowledge to cut their carbon footprints and will offer grants to support them to make some of the changes necessary to reduce emissions.

Oh Yes! Net Zero was established in 2022 by founding partners Reckitt, Hull City Council, Future Humber and the University of Hull. It is free to join and supports members to take steps towards achieving net zero through expert advice, workshops and opportunities to collaborate with and learn from each other.

The schools taking part in the Climate Changemakers project are Sirius Academy West, Kingswood Academy, Malet Lambert, Newland School for Girls, Boulevard Academy, The Marvell College, Winifred Holtby Academy, St Mary’s College, Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Ron Dearing UTC and Kelvin Hall School. 

They will be supported to calculate their carbon footprint and produce a plan to reduce it by Oh Yes! Net Zero member and sustainability consultancy C3 Group. 

C3 Group director Ash Wray said: “Like many other organisations and businesses across the UK, local schools are keen to take action to reduce their energy usage and carbon emissions, not just because it’s the right thing to do for the planet but also because it will bring down their costs.

“This project is a fantastic opportunity for schools to get external advice to help them understand their carbon footprint and the best options for reducing it.”

Once the schools have created a carbon reduction plan they can apply for a grant, funded by Reckitt, to put in place energy saving measures such as LED lighting, smart heating systems, solar panels or electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

Melissa Rackham, community engagement manager for Oh Yes! Net Zero, said: “This project builds on a programme delivered last year by education charity The 1851 Trust in partnership with Reckitt, Hull City Council and the University of Hull. 

“It saw students at secondary schools across the city learn about climate change and what they and their schools could do to address it, sharing what they had learned through videos they created with the help of Oh Yes! Net Zero member Eon Visual Media. 

“The latest phase of the project takes things an important step further by supporting schools to take action that will make a real difference to their carbon footprint and enabling students, teachers and other school staff to collaborate with and learn from the skills and experiences of Oh Yes! Net Zero members.”

Shawn Boatin, geography teacher at Sirius Academy West, said: “Following the success of the climate change awareness film produced by students and our geography department, Sirius Academy West is thrilled to continue our partnership with Oh Yes! Net Zero and Climate Changemakers. 

“This partnership aligns with the school’s core value of environmental respect, evident in our previous Changemakers project, which highlighted sustainable student travel methods and locally sourced food. 

“This latest endeavour will showcase the existing sustainable features of the school’s state-of-the-art building, while exploring avenues for further infrastructure improvements to foster a more sustainable future.”

Organisations and businesses, as well as individuals, can join Oh Yes! Net Zero or find out more at