Hull Trains celebrates the next generation of train drivers

To coincide with National Apprenticeship Week, Hull Trains is celebrating its own team of apprentices who have just completed their trainee driver apprenticeships to become fully qualified drivers.

The theme for the 16th annual National Apprenticeship Week 2023, running until 12 February, is ‘Skills for Life’ and the newest additions to the Hull Trains driving team have been reflecting on how the skills they have learned will lead to a rewarding career in rail.

Jamie McHale, one of the recently qualified drivers for Hull Trains, said: “The apprenticeship has opened up a lot of doors for us all and it’s great now that we’ve passed to see that the hard work we’ve put in has paid off. The whole team at Hull Trains have been so supportive and helpful. It has made the whole process an enjoyable experience.”

Deborah Birch, Head of Human Resources at Hull Trains, explained: “Apprenticeships are more popular than ever.  We were delighted to have received over 400 applications in just one week!  Many people believe apprenticeships are only for school leavers, but they’re for everyone at any stage in their career.”

“Right from the start our Apprentices, Jamie, Drew, Matt, and Michael were enthusiastic and dedicated to their learning programme and quickly became valuable members of our team. It’s been pleasing to see them progress and we all wish them enjoyable and rewarding careers.”

Michael Douglas, another one of the drivers, added: “It’s great working for a train operator with a regional identity, both representing our corner of the UK and hopefully aiding future investment in Hull. Working on the modern fleet has also been amazing, we’re keeping emissions low and increasing how Hull is connected with the capital and the rest of the UK, it makes coming into work each day an enjoyable experience.”