Hull Trains invests in workplace wellbeing

As part of Mental Health Awareness week Hull Trains has invested significantly into workplace wellbeing.

Hull Trains Paragon Fleet
Hull Trains, Paragon Fleet.

Hull Trains is undertaking mental health awareness training for each of its line managers and has trained a group of colleagues to become Mental Health First Aiders.

According to a recent survey by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), rail employees experience 1.5 times higher rates of anxiety compared with the general population.

Anxiety is the focus topic for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week running from Monday 15th to Sunday 21st May.

Forming part of a new strategic approach to wellbeing, Hull Trains is investing to provide its leadership team with mental health awareness training, positioning mental health as a boardroom topic, on par with physical health.

The training increases line managers’ understanding of mental health and how this can impact employees. It also gives them the knowledge to spot changes in colleague behaviours and break down stigmas to enable them to have open conversations around mental health.

Alongside this, training has also been offered to all colleagues to become mental health first aiders (MHFA). They will be able to provide support and guidance for colleagues who are experiencing mental ill health or distress and guide them to the right support.

Deborah Birch, Head of Human Resources at Hull Trains, commented: “We’re committed to promoting greater awareness of mental health, which is especially important in our line of work. To do this effectively it’s important that our colleagues, especially anyone in management, are properly trained to spot signs and symptoms of common mental health issues and support our colleagues in the right way.

“Colleagues have access to a range of different support avenues, but having people across all of our departments that are trained to spot signs, offer guidance, and signpost them to the support they need is vital in tackling the stigma around mental health, and not just starting the conversation, but keeping it going.

Raising further awareness of mental health matters across our team has a customer benefit too, better equipping our team to deal with any difficult situations they may encounter with customers and in the communities we serve, playing our part in a responsible and supportive society.”

To find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week and to see how you can get involved, visit here: