Hull Trains sees biggest timetable transformation in its 23-year history

Hull Trains has announced it is now running extended 10 carriage trains on a number of its services from Wednesday to Sunday due to growing passenger numbers, bringing an extra 4,000 available seats per week for customers.

Introducing this extra capacity, especially on a Sunday, has been an aspiration of the operator for some time now and it is delighted to finally be able to launch these longer train services. e. The change will bring additional seats and offers to Hull Trains’ services for customers.

To support these additional services the local operator has recruited three On Board Managers and On Board hosts to deliver the enhancement to the timetable. 

These additional services were added as a direct result of the increased passenger growth seen throughout 2023. 

A report released in late 2023 by the Office of Road and Rail (ORR), showed that Hull Trains have led the way for long-distance train operators, reporting a 34% growth in journeys compared to the previous year.

This provided further evidence of Hull Trains’ stability and strength with the local open-access operator now delivering 28% more journeys than it was before the pandemic.

Louise Mendham, Service Delivery Director at Hull Trains, explained: “Since the start of last year, we have been carefully monitoring our 10 car trials and reviewing the structure of our timetable as a result of a significant increase in demand on our leisure market leading to this decision to introduce the new services. 

“Introducing this extra capacity, especially on a Sunday, is something we’ve not been able to achieve before, and the additions will now bring an extra 4,000 seats per week for our customers. These changes will account for one of our biggest timetable transformations for capacity in our 23-year history.”

Visit the Hull Trains website to see additional services and offers: